Oral contraceptives have long been associated with raising the risk of blood clots, but for one of our most recent clients, being prescribed this method of birth control at 16 led to her suffering life-changing conditions for which she was awarded over a £1 Million in compensation.

Our client had had her case rejected by various solicitors due to limitation/time issues. Because she was a minor at the time of injury, the three-year time limit started when she turned 18, meaning she had until her 21st birthday to make a claim. She approached us a week after her 21st birthday. However, we felt that this young woman had a strong case and needed our help to receive justice for her permanent injuries.  

Aged 15, she had been wrongly prescribed the combined contraceptive pill by a GP practice nurse despite a family history of vascular disease. Eight months later she suffered a large DVT in her left leg for which she underwent very painful invasive clot-removal surgery and vein stenting. 

She was left with chronic leg pain and swelling (post thrombotic syndrome). Owing to the trauma of the treatment she had endured she was left with PTSD. She was registered disabled and although she had bravely tried to work, she had been unable to cope with the physical and psychological pressures of work. 

One of the main issues was that the nurse completely denied claims that our client’s family history had been divulged at a consultation that both our client and her own mother had attended. 

Court proceedings had to be issued and the case settled six months before a trial on liability. The  compensation accounted for past and future loss of earnings and expenses such as childcare costs as well as pain, injury and suffering. On top of this figure, the Defendants’ insurers repaid benefits to the DWP that our client had received as a result of her injury. 

Caroline's comment: My client was happily expecting her second child at the date of settlement and she was due to deliver her child one month after the date for the liability trial. Quite understandably she wished to achieve a settlement without having to go through that process. Trials can be risky business. Had we succeeded at the liability trial, my client would have achieved an even higher settlement figure. However, this settlement has changed her life and that of her family dramatically. She was delighted with her award and I am delighted for her! 

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