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Customer Stories

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Case won-Amputation

£150,000 compensation–details of a case won amputation – an 88-year-old war veteran. John Barton, a 2nd World War veteran and widower, was just short of his 89th birthday when his case settled at the door of London County Court as Trial was about to start. Until his injury, he lived with his

Case won-negligent foot surgery

Medical Solicitors have secured an award of £175,000 for our client Susan Whatmough, a 59-year-old woman,  for the negligent surgery carried out to her feet. Susan had a medical history of asthma, arthritis, with long standing degenerative changes in her spinal problems, as well as bunions in her feet. In early

Case settled 1 day before Trial for an 81 year old lady

We have secured an award of £60,000, in total, for an 81-year-old client. Negligent nursing care resulted in her suffering a fracture to her spine. The case settled 1 day before Trial. On 14 January 2011, our client was admitted to Bassetlaw Hospital after being seen in A & E with

David Smiths Meningitis Story

Medical Solicitors represented David and achieved a very large six-figure compensation sum for his life-changing injuries after preventable meningitis. David suffered an accident when he was a child that led to the removal of his spleen. After spleen removal, David should have received lifetime antibiotic cover and regular vaccinations to protect him
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