Latest NHS and Healthcare News

Latest NHS and Healthcare News

Here is the latest NHS and Healthcare News from the last week that our Team focused upon at Medical Solicitors!Read our latest NHS and Healthcare news


  • NHS negligence claims hit £1.4bn

NHS trusts in England paid out more than £1.4bn in medical negligence claims last year compared to £583m in 2008, analysis shows. The NHS Litigation Authority (NHSLA), which handles claims on behalf of trusts, said it was trying to reduce the costs.

29 September 2016

  • Cancer care ‘inadequate’ at eight in 10 NHS groups, inspections to show

More than eight in 10 NHS bodies are letting down cancer patients through late diagnosis, poor survival rates and delayed treatment, official figures will reveal this week.

The first Ofsted-style ratings show that the vast majority of areas are providing substandard services, with just 14 per cent of areas receiving a positive report.

2 October 2016


  • Young women at ‘highest mental health risk’

Young women are the highest risk group in England for mental health problems, according to new data from NHS Digital. One in five women reported a common mental disorder such as anxiety and depression in 2014, compared with one in eight men, according to the study of mental health and wellbeing.

29 September 2016

  • DIY ‘garage’ scientists could unleash genetically-edited organisms into wild, warn experts 

Garage scientists’ could unleash dangerous genetically-modified organisms into the environment using unregulated technology which is already available online, a new report has warned.

30 September 2016

  • Generation fast food! One in six young people admit eating meals such as burgers and pizzas at least twice a day
    Teenagers have been labelled ‘generation fast-food’ in a study that shows one in six young people eat it at least twice a day. The annual BBC Good Food Nation Survey has found a staggering generation-gap in eating habits, with adults eating fast food twice a week compared to 14 times or more for 16 to 20-year-olds.

30 September 2016

  • Investigation launched over online pharmacies ‘freely prescribing antibiotics’

An investigation has been launched into online pharmacies after a number of websites freely prescribed antibiotics to reporters. The General Medical Council (GMC) launched the probe based on evidence collected by BBC Radio 5 live, and said that “the overprescribing of antibiotics risks the health of us all”.

2 October 2016


  • Middle-aged women can enjoy sex more as they get older, study finds

Middle-aged women can enjoy making love more as they get older despite a number of physical changes that result in a decline in “sexual function”, according to a new study.

Researchers said some middle-aged women had adapted to the changes brought on by the march of time.

29 September 2016    


  • Health of more than 90% of world’s population affected by air pollution ‘emergency’, WHO says

More than nine out of every 10 people on the planet live in areas where air pollution breaches official safety limits – and millions of people are dying as a result, according to new research by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

29 September 2016

  • Americas becomes first region to eliminate measles after 22-year vaccination drive, health agency says

The Americas has become the first region in the world to be free of measles, following a 22-year vaccination drive against the disease which continues to infect tens of thousands of people globally, the Pan American Health Organisation said.

29 September 2016

  • Women to go on strike in Poland in protest at planned abortion law

Thousands of women are expected to go on strike across Poland in protest against a new law that would effectively ban abortion. Poland already has some of the most restrictive abortion laws in Europe, with terminations legally permitted only when the life of the foetus is under threat, when there is a grave threat to the health of the mother, and in the instance that the pregnancy resulted from rape or incest.

3 October 2016


  • ESA benefit payments: Re-tests axed for chronically ill claimants

Work and Pensions Secretary Damian Green said it was pointless to re-test recipients of Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) with severe conditions and no prospect of getting better. More than two million people receive ESA, which is worth up to £109 a week.

1 October 2016

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