Latest NHS and Healthcare News

Latest NHS and Healthcare News

Here is the latest NHS and Healthcare News from the last week that our Team focused upon at Medical Solicitors!Read our latest NHS and Healthcare news


  • Deadly drug resistant fungus outbreak strikes 200 UK hospital patients

More than 200 people have been contaminated or infected with a potentially deadly strain of a drug-resistant fungus. Some 20 separate NHS trusts and independent hospitals detected Candida auris in patients, with three hospitals being forced to tackle “large” outbreaks of the pathogen that is “difficult to control”.

15 August 2017

  • Newcastle health boss Sir Leonard Fenwick sacked

Sir Leonard Fenwick joined what later became Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in 1977, and has been on extended leave since January. A disciplinary panel dismissed him after an investigation into claims of bullying and abusive behaviour.

17 August 2017

  • Operating on the wrong person and patients falling out of windows – NHS ‘never events’ at near record levels

Patients falling out of windows and equipment being left inside wounds after surgery were some of a near record number of ‘never events’ recorded by the NHS last year. Campaigners have warned the same life-threatening mistakes, for which there can never be an excuse, are “disturbingly high” and often repeated, as official data reveals wrong site surgery took place 178 times in the 12 months before April.

19 August 2017

  • Jeremy Hunt accuses Stephen Hawking of ‘pernicious falsehood’ in NHS row

Jeremy Hunt has accused Stephen Hawking of a “pernicious” lie after the physicist said it seemed the Tories were steering the UK towards a US-style health insurance system. Hours after the health secretary was criticised for claiming Hawking was wrong in the row about the government’s seven-day NHS plan, he leapt back into the fray with two tweets defending the Conservative party’s record on the health service.

19 August 2017

  • NHS call for equality over private hospitals’ tax break

A study suggests more than one in four private hospitals are charities, giving them an 80% rebate in business rates. NHS trusts are calling for equal treatment on business rates after research revealed private hospitals get discounts worth £52m over five years. A study suggests more than one in four private hospitals are charities, giving them an 80% rebate in business rates.

21 August 2017



  • Imported pork from leading supermarkets may cause hepatitis

Pork products sold at a leading supermarket may have infected British shoppers with a virus that can cause liver failure and death, it has emerged. Researchers at Public Health England (PHE) probed the shopping habits of those infected with hepatitis E and found the consumption of ham and sausages from one store, identified only as “supermarket X”, was a recurring feature.

20 August 2017

  • The five best cardio exercises to keep your engine ticking over

Cardio exercise is one of what I would call the three main tenets of training, alongside resistance and mobility. Without any of these, your body will naturally atrophy, decreasing in efficiency.

21 August 2017



  • Peanut allergy treatment ‘lasts up to four years’

Children were given a probiotic, with a peanut protein, daily for 18 months. When tested one month later, 80% could tolerate peanuts without any allergic symptoms and after four years, 70% of them were still able to eat peanuts without suffering any side-effects.

17 August 2017

  • New sperm creation method could overcome genetic male infertility – study

A common genetic cause of male infertility has been overcome in mice using a technique that creates healthy sperm in the laboratory, scientists have shown. The research raises the future prospect of hope for men who cannot father children because they have three instead of two sex chromosomes.

17 August 2017

  • Biotech firm Destiny Pharma to float on Aim with drug that targets MRSA-type infections

Drug company Destiny Pharma is to float on London’s junior Aim market to raise upwards of £10m for a new treatment for antibiotic-resistant superbugs such as MRSA. The firm, whose chairman is City veteran Sir Nigel Rudd, the former chairman of Heathrow, will become only the second biotech company to float on the London stock market this year.

18 August 2017



  • Teen drug overdose rate in US rose 20% in 2015 after years of decline

The number of American teens to die of a drug overdose leapt by almost a fifth in 2015 after seven years of decline, a study by the National Center for Health Statistics has found. The jump in fatalities was driven by heroin and synthetic opioid use and by an increasing number of deaths among teenage girls.

16 August 2017

  • Three pregnant refugees and nearly 50 others denied medical transfers from Nauru

Nearly 50 refugees and asylum seekers held on Nauru – including at least three women seeking to terminate a pregnancy – are being refused, or not considered for, overseas medical treatment, in defiance of doctors’ recommendations. Three pregnant refugee women on Nauru have asked to terminate their pregnancies, for cultural, familial and health reasons.

20 August 2017



  • Calories In Pizza, Burgers And Ready Meals Could Be Slashed To Tackle Obesity

Calories in popular foods could soon be reduced as part of the Government’s plan to tackle obesity.  Public Health England (PHE) hopes to implement a calorie reduction programme to remove excess calories from the foods children consume the most, such as ready meals, pizzas, burgers, savoury snacks and sandwiches.

18 August 2017

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