Latest NHS and Health News

Latest NHS and Health News

Here is the latest NHS and Healthcare News from the last week that our Team focused upon at Medical Solicitors!Read our latest NHS and Healthcare news


  • Babies Given A Trial Tb Vaccine That ‘Did Not Work On Monkeys’

The worrying results from a tuberculosis vaccine trial on monkeys before they tested the treatment on hundreds of babies were ignored by scientists at Oxford University, a former principal research fellow at the institution has claimed.

4 September 2017

  • Litigation ‘threatening NHS finances’

The rising cost of litigation is threatening the financial health of the NHS in England, auditors are warning. The National Audit Office says the bill for clinical negligence has quadrupled in the last 10 years, reaching nearly £1.6bn last year. It is urging the government to do more to curb the costs.

7 September 2017

Our Director, Caroline Moore, comments: My firm, as well as many other of my peers, believe that the problem lies with the policies and attitude of a body called NHS Resolution (formerly called the NHSLA). NHS Resolution handles claims on behalf of the various NHS Trusts. The delays and resulting increase in costs to the tax-payer are caused by the failure of NHS Resolution to acknowledge fault in a timely and humane manner. It should reduce the number of cases where claimants are forced to commence court proceedings before compensation is paid.  Shockingly, NHS Resolution loses 76% of cases where the claimant issues court proceedings.

Lord Jackson mentions this himself in in his recent review: “The best way to reduce litigation costs is to settle meritorious claims early, or failing that admit liability early.  At the moment far too many claims are settled after the issue of proceedings” (page 73 para 15:3)


  • Beware of social media during terror events, NHS guidelines warn

NHS staff and terror attack victims and their families have been warned about the risks of using social media in new guidelines issued by NHS England. The guide cautions that internet trolls may subject victims to “vile and upsetting abuse”, as was seen after the Manchester and London terror attacks.

9 September 2017



  • Endometriosis: Symptoms And Treatment For The Second Most Common Gynaecological Condition

For the first time ever, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has issued guidance to doctors about treating endometriosis. The condition affects one in 10 women of reproductive age here in the UK – that’s roughly 1.5 million women.

7 September 2017

  • Anxiety over health ’caused by cyber-chondria’

Worrying excessively about health, and going for unnecessary appointments and tests, is a growing problem – fuelled by looking up symptoms on the internet, researchers say. Health anxiety can also be caused by previous health scares and could affect one in five hospital out-patients.

7 September 2017

  • Osteoporosis cure on the horizon: Discovery could lead to NEW treatment for symptoms

Osteoporosis is a condition which causes the bones to weaken and become less dense and can increase the risk of fractures. However, now experts believe a new drug to treat the condition could be on the horizon.

8 September 2017

  • Polluted playgrounds pose a danger to thousands of children, analysis shows

Thousands of children are using playgrounds near to roads with illegal levels of pollution, according to new analysis. More than 950 schools are near roads which have from harmful levels of illegal pollution, research found.

11 September 2017



  • Alzheimer’s ‘Could Be Wiped Out By Natural Selection’

Genes linked to Alzheimer’s disease, asthma and high cholesterol are being “weeded out” by natural selection, a study has found. Scientists at Cambridge and Colombia universities discovered that genetic variations associated with these illnesses were less common in people who lived longer.

6 September 2017

  • Alcohol Industry ‘Distorting’ And ‘Denying’ Links Between Booze And Cancer, Researchers Warn

The alcohol industry is “misrepresenting evidence” about the cancer risks associated with drinking, researchers have warned. Drinking increases the risk of a wide range of health conditions including high blood pressure, some cancers and depression. Meanwhile women who drink are 20% more likely to get breast cancer than those who don’t, according to Public Health England.

8 September 2017

  • Regular Bleach Use ‘Linked To Higher Risk Of Fatal Lung Disease’

A study by Harvard University and the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) found that using the products just once a week could increase a person’s chance of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) by nearly a third.

11 September 2017



  • Paraplegic girl found ‘in pool of blood’ after attack by rats in bed

A paraplegic teenage girl in northern France was found in a pool of blood after being attacked in her bed by rats which bit and scratched her hundreds of times.

8 September 2017

  • Call for action as UK ‘falls behind rest of Europe for life expectancy growth’

A world expert in health outcomes has urged the UK government to launch an inquiry into why life expectancy rates in Britain have stalled. Sir Michael Marmot, the author of a government-ordered report on health inequality, said the country risked becoming the “sick man and woman of Europe”.

10 September 2017



  • Girl’s donated organs help a record eight people

A 13-year-old girl who died from a brain aneurysm has helped a record eight different people, including five children, through organ donation. Jemima Layzell, from Somerset, who died in 2012, donated her heart, pancreas, lungs, kidneys, small bowel and liver.

8 September 2017

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