Latest NHS and Health News

Latest NHS and Health News

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  • I’ve been a cancer nurse for over 30 years – things have never been so bad

This morning, we had nine new patients on the ward. They will all need support to manage the rollercoaster that is having cancer. Nine may not seem like many, but I’m already seeing 80 patients this week. Every single one needs to be treated as an individual – as a person first, and a cancer patient second.

28 October 2017

  • Policy experts warn of ‘failing nurse workforce plans’ in NHS

In a report by the Health Foundation think-tank published today, workforce experts noted that the number of nurses working in the NHS had fallen in the past year – mostly due to a decline in the number of community and mental health nursing staff employed by the health service.

30 October 2017

  • Jeremy Hunt admits the striking junior doctors ‘had a point’

Tory Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has admitted the junior doctors who went on strike last year “had a point.” Medics staged an unprecedented series of five-day walkouts last year over new contracts and concerns about patient safety.

31 October 2017

  • NHS spent more than £100,000 on how to move NHS logo on stationery and signs

The health service has spent more than £100,000 drawing up plans to make every trust move its NHS logo on stationery and signs, new figures show. A spokesman for NHS England claimed that inconsistencies in current use of the format could be resulting in “more people inappropriately defaulting to A&E.”

4 November 2017  



  • Rotten state of children’s teeth in England exposed in hospital data

Twice as many children under the age of 10 receive hospital treatment for tooth decay as those treated for broken arms, figures for England show. There were 34,205 cases of patients under 10 needing hospital treatment for dental caries in the year to March, the youngest less than a year old, according to the faculty of dental surgery (FDS) at the Royal College of Surgeons.

31 October 2017

  • Surrogate mother of ‘twins’ finds one is hers

A surrogate mother from California, who gave birth to two babies, found out one of the children was biologically hers. Jessica Allen became pregnant with her own biological child while she was carrying another baby as a surrogate for a Chinese couple. Mrs Allen said doctors first thought the second was an identical twin.

3 November 2017

  • Less healthy than Haagen-Dazs: How some vegan lunches from high street chains are packed with sugar and saturated fat

Going vegan – that’s eating nothing animal-related (even honey is out) – is the celebrity food fad of the moment, with Robbie Williams, Brad Pitt, Beyoncé, Jay Z and even Miley Cyrus claiming to have adopted the diet. A third of the half a million vegans in the UK follow the diet for perceived health benefits, according to a recent YouGov survey.

4 November 2017

  • Are sugar alternatives really any healthier than the white stuff?

In fact, a high-sugar diet can have devastating consequences on a person’s health over time. But a bad rap because, over the last decade, white granulated sugar has become the pantomime villain of the healthy eating brigade.

6 November 2017



  • Women In The UK Are Struggling To Access Basic Contraception, Report Reveals

The study, conducted by sexual health charity FPA, also revealed more than a quarter of women (27%) said they felt they didn’t have enough time to discuss all their contraceptive options during their consultation.

2 November 2017

  • Statins ‘should be given to children with heart risks before the age of 10’

Statins should be given to thousands of children by the age of 10 under radical new NHS guidance. GPs are being urged to identify those who have an inherited risk of high cholesterol, amid warnings that the vast majority of cases are going undetected.

2 November 2017



  • Japanese Company Gives Employees Six Extra Days Of Holiday If They Don’t Smoke

A Japanese company is incentivising its staff to give up smoking by providing non-smokers with six whole days extra holiday per year.  According to staff at marketing firm Piala Inc, based in Tokyo, each cigarette break takes staff at least 15 minutes, due to the fact that the office is based on the 29th floor of an office block.

31 October 2017

  • Scotland offers free abortions to women from Northern Ireland

Women from Northern Ireland can now have free abortions through the NHS in Scotland. Abortions are illegal in Northern Ireland except for cases where the woman’s health is at risk.

6 November 2017



  • A boy with leukaemia visited my lab – I had no idea what it would start

I would like to tell you a story about a boy, a hero of mine. Harvey Buster Baldwin was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia aged six and spent many weeks in Worthing hospital, where I worked as a biomedical scientist.

2 November 2017

  • Comedy writer with Parkinson’s tries stand-up comedy

The writer behind BBC sitcom The Vicar of Dibley has been trying his hand at stand-up comedy after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Paul Mayhew-Archer sad he wanted to take to the stage before his condition deteriorated.

5 November 2017

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