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Latest NHS and Healthcare News

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  • Royal colleges ‘shocked’ by Mackey staffing levels comments

Royal colleges and workforce experts have severely criticised NHS Improvement chief executive Jim Mackey for his “extraordinary” comments on NHS staffing levels and service standards.

13 July 2016

  • Jeremy Hunt’s reappointment as health secretary provokes fury from public

The news Jeremy Hunt was remaining in the Cabinet – despite earlier reports that he was being sacked – has provoked a strong reaction from members of the public. Hundreds of social media users expressed their disappointment after reports the controversial figure was being removed from government turned into news he would, in fact, remain as Health Secretary under Theresa May.

14 July 2016

  • Brexit will make the NHS safer, top surgeon says

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union will make patients safer by allowing the NHS to crack down on poor English skills among staff, the country’s top surgeon has said.Clare Marx, President of the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS), urged health bosses to “seize the moment” by toughening up English language entry tests.

17 July 2016

  • Life-or-death 999 call target missed for year

Ambulances have missed their target for responding to the most life-threatening calls for a whole year, new data shows. Crews are meant to reach patients who have had cardiac arrests or are not breathing – so-called Red 1 calls – within eight minutes.

14 July 2016


  • ‘Wash salad’ advice after two die from E. coli

Shoppers are being reminded to thoroughly wash mixed salad leaves amid concern that this food could be the source of an E. coli outbreak that has killed two and infected more than 150 people in the UK.

18 July 2016

  • ‘Third’ with dementia in Wales live in rural areas

More than a third of people with dementia in Wales live in a rural area, according to a new report. The Alzheimer’s Society report calculates that of the 45,000 people with dementia in Wales, 17,000 live in rural areas.

18 July 2016


  • Obesity causes premature death, concludes study of studies

Obesity and excess weight do shorten lives, according to a major review across five continents which sought to find a definitive answer to a controversial question.

13 July 2016

  • Why fat, not sugar, is to blame for obesity: Scientists warn public health campaigns on Britain’s weight crisis could be misguided 

Sugar has replaced fat as being seen as the real culprit behind Britain’s obesity epidemic, with the government planning a tax on sugary drinks to curb the problem. But major new research suggests the white stuff may not be to blame after all.

16 July 2016


  • Zika epidemic will end in three years, study suggests

The current Zika epidemic is likely to end within three years because there will be too few people left to infect, a team of scientists is predicting. Writing in the journal Science, they said this could lead to a gap of 10 years before the next epidemic.

14 July 2016


  • Baby born from frozen ovarian tissue in UK first

A cancer patient who has become the first woman in the UK to give birth after having frozen tissue from her ovaries re-implanted said she was “astonished and overjoyed” at the success of the treatment.

14 July 2016

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