Latest NHS and Healthcare News

Latest NHS and Healthcare News

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  • £300m mental health initiative for schools is inadequate, says Labour

Jonathan Ashworth, the shadow health secretary, said the Conservatives were “failing to deliver parity of esteem” between mental and physical health, as promised, and that their proposals did not amount to “meaningful action”. Labour is committed to ringfencing funding for child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) and ensuring there is a counselling service in every secondary school.

3 December 2017

  • Anorexic student Averil Hart ‘failed by every NHS body’

A teenager who “starved to death” in a matter of weeks was failed by “every NHS organisation that should have cared for her”, a review has found. Averil Hart, 19, died in 2012 after her anorexia rapidly worsened at university in Norwich.

8 December 2017

  • NHS patients electronically tagged in attempt to boost bed efficiency 

The NHS trial – which may  later be introduced nationally – means every consenting patient is issued with devices, picked up by 4,000 infra-red sensors across beds and doorways. Staff will also be issued with chips, worn in their lanyards, so they can be directed to where they are needed.

8 December 2017



  • What I wish people knew about mental health and recovery

Personally, I believe this to be somewhat dangerous because despite making their listeners more aware of mental illness, they gave off the impression that all mental illnesses can be recovered from. And this is simply not the case. Many mental illnesses are chronic illnesses – they are lifelong or persistent illnesses that don’t just go away.

27 November 2017

  • “Ambitious” Government Plans To Train Teachers To Tackle Mental Health Will Be In Only 1/4 Of Schools

Kabir Miah, deputy head at Swanlea Secondary School in Whitechapel, east London, where the proposals have been piloted to form the basis of the government’s green paper, told BuzzFeed News he was disappointed mental health support wouldn’t be universally available in schools.

5 December 2017

  • ‘Stark’ increase in overweight youngsters

The study of nearly 12,000 children found 25% were overweight or obese at age seven, rising to 35% at 11. Between 11 and 14, there was little change, however, which researchers say may be because children of this age are making more of their own food choices. Campaigners are calling for more action on weight issues in younger children.

7 December 2017

  • Sit down and wait your turn’: Young mum tells of ‘total disbelief’ at what A&E staff told her when her sick seven-week-old baby stopped breathing and ‘every second was critical’ 

He was later transferred to a special care unit at Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre.  Reliving her ordeal the mother-of-five said: ‘My emotions were jumping all over the place but I managed to keep calm for my baby’s sake.

7 December 2017



  • Three Quarters Of Unwell Brits Treat Themselves At Home

Research revealed that seven in ten of us now self-diagnose and treat minor health issues rather than try and secure an appointment with their local GP. It also emerged the average adult now believes they can beat two thirds of all bugs, viruses and illnesses without professional medical attention.

5 December 2017 

  • ‘Inadequate’ vaginal mesh regulations put women at risk, warn experts

Professor Carl Heneghan from Oxford University, who specialises in evidence-based medicine, has called for a patient registry to be set up to look at the long-term evidence of mesh complications.

7 December 2017

  • Birth Control Pills Linked To Increased Risk Of Breast Cancer

Researchers found a similar breast cancer risk with the progestin-only intrauterine device, and they couldn’t rule out a risk for other hormonal contraceptives like the patch and the implant.

7 December 2017



  • Babies’ brains damaged by pollution, Unicef says

Seventeen million babies under the age of one are breathing toxic air, putting their brain development at risk, the UN children’s agency has warned. Babies in South Asia were worst affected, with more than 12 million living in areas with pollution six times higher than safe levels. A further four million were at risk in East Asia and the Pacific.

6 December 2017

  • Increase in accidental deaths follows spike in gun sales, study finds

An additional 20 children and 40 adults, beyond what would be expected, died in accidental gun violence in the five-month period after Sandy Hook, the study found. This is considered a statistically significant increase during a time in which, the authors estimate, 3 million additional guns were sold beyond the general rate at which people typically buy guns.

6 December 2017

  • S. Department of Justice investigating fetal tissue transfers

The U.S. Department of Justice asked on Thursday for documents related to a Senate committee’s report on the transfer of fetal tissue by abortion provider Planned Parenthood, according to a letter seen by Reuters.

8 December 2017



  • Slimming can cut breast cancer risk by up to one third, research finds

Experts said “modest” weight loss significantly cuts the chances of developing the disease. Six in ten British women are overweight or obese, with the highest rates of obesity among those in middle age.

8 December 2017

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