Latest NHS and Healthcare News

Latest NHS and Healthcare News

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  • Liver surgeon Simon Bramhall marked initials on patients

A surgeon who marked his initials on the livers of two transplant patients has admitted assault by beating. Simon Bramhall, 53, committed the offences at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital in February and August 2013.

13 December 2017

  • Surge in norovirus cases as senior doctors warn of ‘carnage’ on wards

The number of people seeking hospital treatment for the winter vomiting bug has risen by almost 70 per cent in just one week. The NHS figures reveal 1,336 hospital beds have been taken by people suffering from norovirus, a sharp rise from the 790 the previous week.

14 December 2017

  • NHS in England told to reveal avoidable deaths data

The NHS in England is to become the first healthcare system in the world to publish figures on avoidable patient deaths, the health secretary has said. By the end of 2017, some 170 out of 223 trusts will publish data on deaths they believe could have been prevented.

14 December 2017



  • Panorama investigation reveals medical company failed to fully inform doctors of vaginal mesh risks

A global medical company failed to fully inform doctors of the risks of vaginal mesh implants, a BBC Panorama investigation is set to reveal. The programme, which will air on Monday night, documents the conflicts of interest, improper trialling and weak regulatory system behind the vaginal mesh scandal, as reported in The Independent this year.

11 December 2017

  • Sexual orientation and gender identity questions are set to be included in census for the first time in 2021

Information will be gathered to establish the size of the transgender population after experts dismissed concerns that it would prevent people filling in the crucial survey in 2021. There will also be a section asking people about their sexual orientation  – although individuals will be able to answer that they would ‘prefer not to say’.

13 December 2017

  • Average Energy Drink Contains More Sugar Than An Adult’s Recommended Daily Allowance

It might be stating the obvious to say that energy drinks contain a lot of sugar, but when you realise quite how much it might encourage you to kick the habit once and for all. A new report has revealed the average sugar content of energy drinks is more than an adult’s maximum daily recommendation for sugar intake.

15 December 2017

  • Half of young people do not use condoms for sex with new partner – poll

Almost half of sexually active young people do not use a condom when sleeping with someone for the first time, and more than one-third of young people think carrying protection is a sign someone is promiscuous, a survey has found.

15 December 2017



  • Patients no longer need life-long medication after incredible haemophilia breakthrough

People with haemophilia have been effectively cured by a “mind-blowing” genetic therapy which means they can go without their tri-weekly treatment for the first time. There are around 2,000 people in the UK with the clotting disorder which means the slightest cut can lead to excessive bleeding.

14 December 2017

  • ‘Selfitis’ – the obsessive need to post selfies – is a genuine mental disorder, say psychologists

The term was first coined in 2014 to describe obsessive selfie-taking in a spoof news story which suggested the American Psychiatric Association was considering classifying it as a disorder.

15 December 2017

  • Parents giving children alcohol too young, researchers say

Parents could be storing up problems for their children by introducing them to alcohol too young and ordering takeaways too often, researchers warn. Two universities found that one in six parents gives their children alcohol by the age of 14, when their body and brain are not yet fully developed.

15 December 2017



  • Childhood obesity climbing with media use, European doctors warn

In the past 25 years, obesity rates have climbed rapidly among European children and teens, according to a consensus statement from the European Academy of Pediatrics and the European Childhood Obesity Group published in Acta Paediatrica. Roughly one in five kids and teens in Europe are overweight or obese, according to a 2017 World Health Organization study, the authors note.

14 December 2017

  • More US teens are vaping than smoking cigarettes, study finds

Since vaping’s growth in popularity, debate has raged in public health circles about the role e-cigarettes should play. American researchers have largely taken a prohibitionist stance, arguing vaping does more harm than good, while British researchers have focused on the device’s potential benefits to current smokers.

14 December 2017



  • Baby born with heart outside body ‘doing well’

A baby born with her heart outside her body has survived after surgery at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester. Vanellope Hope Wilkins, who has no breastbone, was delivered three weeks ago by Caesarean section. She has had three operations to place her heart back in her chest.

13 December 2017

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