Latest NHS and Healthcare News

Latest NHS and Healthcare News

Here is the latest NHS and Healthcare News from the last week that our Team focused upon at Medical Solicitors!Read our latest NHS and Healthcare news


  • Lack of NHS radiologists ‘could cause delays to breast cancer diagnoses’

Women may suffer a delay in finding out that they have breast cancer because the NHS is struggling with a serious and worsening lack of radiologists and radiographers, according to health experts.

8 November 2016

  • Hackers cripple NHS hospital machines to demand ransom cash: Four trusts so far hit by attacks as criminals target out-of-date computers

Hackers are targeting vital hospital machines in a bid to extract thousands of pounds in ransom money, experts warn. At least four NHS trusts have been targeted in the so-called ‘ransomware’ attacks this year.

10 November 2016

  • Junior doctors lift threat of strike action over contract

Junior doctors have called off the threat of future industrial action and said they will “re-engage” with the government over their new contract. The British Medical Association (BMA) junior doctors’ committee said the move involved ending its mandate for industrial action.

11 November 2016

  • Virgin Care wins £700m contract to run 200 NHS and social care services

Sir Richard Branson’s health firm, Virgin Care, has won a £700m contract to deliver 200 types of NHS and social care services to more than 200,000 people in Bath and north-east Somerset.

11 November 2016



  • Car seat suffocation warning for babies on long journeys

New research warns that infants under four weeks shouldn’t travel in car seats for more than 30 minutes. It follows a study at Swindon’s Great Western Hospital which reveals that putting babies in an upright position might cause breathing difficulties.

11 November 2016

  • Air pollution is driving us all down a road to ruin

That the government is now at last being forced to do more to reduce the dangerous levels of nitrogen dioxide air pollution is welcome news (Court defeat for government on air pollution, 3 November).

10 November 2016

  • ‘First flu’ affects lifetime risk

A person’s chances of falling ill from a new strain of flu are at least partly determined by the first strain they ever encountered, a study suggests. Research in Science journal looked at the 18 strains of influenza A and the hemagglutinin protein on its surface.

11 November 2016



  • Vaping raises likelihood of teenagers starting to smoke, study suggests

A study of teenagers in California has tentatively suggested a link between vaping and starting to smoke cigarettes, although experts say it does not prove that one leads to the other.

8 November 2016  

  • ‘Brain wi-fi’ reverses leg paralysis in primate first

An implant that beams instructions out of the brain has been used to restore movement in paralysed primates for the first time, say scientists. Rhesus monkeys were paralysed in one leg due to a damaged spinal cord.

10 November 2016


  •  Holidaymaker killed in Turkey quad bike crash ‘wasn’t given appropriate helmet’

A 21-year-old British holidaymaker who died in a quad bike crash in Turkey wasn’t given the appropriate safety gear which could have saved her life, an inquest heard.

11 November 2016

  • Women in the US are panicking after the Trump win and getting long-term contraception while they still can

Donald Trump’s plans to repeal Obamacare have worried many women in the US since, at the moment, they are entitled to free contraception. Many are urging each other, and going themselves, to get long-term contraception, such as the IUD and the implant because the future of their reproductive rights looks uncertain.

10 November 2016



  • The woman who owes her smile to selfies: 27-year-old whose face was left paralysed used pictures to teach her to move her mouth again

A stunning young woman whose face was left paralysed by a rare condition has taught herself how to smile again. Anna Robinson, 27, from Nottingham, was terrified when she woke up earlier this year to discover she could no longer move her face.

4 November 2016

  • A beer a day helps prevent stroke and heart disease, new study suggests

A pint of beer a day could help reduce the risk of having a stroke or developing cardiovascular disease, new research has found. A study of 80,000 adults found the natural decline in high-density lipoprotein (HDL), or “good” cholesterol, in the body was slowed by a moderate intake of alcohol.

13 November 2016

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