Death By Negligence Compensation

Death By Negligence Compensation

Death By Negligence

Death? Neglect? Questions to be answered…

Our friendly team of specialist lawyers at Medical Solicitors have extensive experience of helping clients with death and neglect claims.

It is a terrible thing to suffer the consequences of death and neglect. There really is nothing worse than losing a loved one, aggravated by the feeling that someone else is to blame and that the death should have been avoided.

Advice and support needed after death and neglect

You may need advice about the complaints procedure, or advice about Inquests (the post-mortem and help in dealing with the Coroners office. Our team has close ties with barristers experienced in Inquest work who may deal with an Inquest for you on a no win no fee basis.

Compensation can be claimed where treatment has fallen below a reasonable standard to the extent that it is considered to amount to actual Medical Negligence. 

Do contact our friendly team of specialist lawyers at Medical Solicitors. We conduct most of our Clinical and Medical Negligence claims under ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreements, also known as Conditional Fee Agreements. So, our clients do not have to worry about how they can possibly afford to pay for death claims and neglect claims. You have nothing to lose in speaking to us.

If you would like general support, please click here for our page listing some of the more well-known support agencies and charities, who can really help, practically and emotionally.

Children of a family that has lost a parent may have a potential claim and will need to be taken into account.

Time limits for death and neglect claims

The general time limit is 3 years from the death but it may be much longer if:

  • those left behind are children. Time does not run for a child until they are 21 years old.
  • for some adults who have communication difficulties, or mental disability.
  • for anyone who has been misled by a care provider.
  • for anyone who could not reasonably have been aware that the circumstances of a death may have been owing to substandard care, or could not have identified someone potentially responsible for a death.

It may be that you have left the matter for longer than the usual 3-year period allowed for a claim, BUT the court will allow late cases where it is fair to do so, therefore, please speak to our team for friendly advice. A lot of solicitors do not like to take on late cases, but we always consider late cases of death and neglect, in the interests of justice.

In fact, we have secured fresh inquests as late as 6 1/2 years after a death, and brought claims well out of time, if the facts of the case justify this action.

Read about Tony Baker’s case brought 18 months out of time by our Director, Caroline Moore.

Past Successful Compensation Claims for Hospital Negligence, Death & Neglect Cases

A six-figure sum (exact amount confidential) to our clients, from Stockport, whose baby died one week after delivery as a result of medical negligence. The event led to a catalogue of tragedy for this family.

A six-figure sum (exact amount confidential) to Tony Baker, and his family, our clients from Sheffield. The family lost  56-year-old Carol to sepsis caused  by acute, undiagnosed appendicitis. Carol was married to Tony and provided care and support to her children and grandchildren. Carol had been seen by various doctors over a 2 weeks period prior to her death. Tony was with his wife throughout this period and was with her when she was admitted to hospital for emergency surgery.  He suffered from a prolonged grief reaction. For more about his case click here

£150,000 to the widow of a 58-year-old man who died from leukaemia caused by overprescribing of a drug chlorambucil.

£75,000 to a lady, from London, who lost her husband. He was sent away from A & E but later suffered a heart attack and died a few days later. He should not have been discharged from hospital and should have survived. 

£28,500 to a mother, from Leeds, whose 16-year-old son was knocked unconscious in the street. He had an overnight stay in the hospital. His mother took him home the next day where he collapsed. The hospital had failed to detect a bleed in his brain. The mother witnessed her son’s collapse and a half hour attempt by paramedics to revive him at home. He was placed on life support that was switched off a few days later. The mother suffered depression, flashbacks and anxiety and was off work for 6 months.

£20,000 to a mother who was with her young son over a few days in the hospital witnessed him having a fit, causing severe brain damage, after which he never regained consciousness and his life support machine was switched off.

£20,000 to the family of an elderly Alzheimers patient, in York, who was not fed, or cared for adequately while in hospital resulting in bed sores, weight loss and pneumonia leading to death.

£15,000 to our client Sheffield family of a 47-year-old lady who died in hospital from multiple causes. She had a poor prognosis, in any event, owing to a bleed in her brain, but because of neglect, she developed a most severe sacral bed sore that probably led to spinal infection.

Follow our links below to quickly access our information pages about how we can help with a complaint about care, Inquests, funding a medical negligence claim for death and neglect, and more:

Follow our links below to quickly access our information pages about how we can help with: a complaint about care, funding a medical negligence claim and more:

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