Loss Of Eyesight Claims & Compensation

Loss Of Eyesight Claims & Compensation

read advice about negligence claims for loss of eyesightOur friendly team of specialist lawyers at Medical Solicitors have the expertise to help you succeed in a  negligence claim for loss of eyesight compensation. Financial compensation can be claimed where there has been any substandard care that amounts to actual Medical Negligence. 

Loss of eyesight compensation claims can arise in various ways, such as:

  • Failure by a GP to recognise signs and symptoms of impending visual crisis and to refer a patient to hospital in time for vision to be saved, for example, failure to spot retinal detachment. For detailed information about detached retinas click here; and
  • Failure in Hospital to correctly diagnose what is wrong with the eye, resulting in the missed opportunity to provide curative treatment; and
  • Where there has been inappropriate advice given concerning treatment options, and the risks and benefits of the various options; and
  • Poor laser eye treatment, or other corrective eye surgery, leading to partial, or even complete, loss of the eyesight and in some cases, the actual eye itself.

Do contact our friendly team of specialist lawyers at Medical Solicitors. We conduct most of our Clinical and Medical Negligence claims under ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreements, also known as Conditional Fee Agreements. So, our clients do not have to worry about how they can possibly afford to bring loss of eyesight claims. You have nothing to lose in speaking to us.

Loss of eyesight compensation can be significant, depending on the extent of the injuries suffered.

What is claimed for loss of eyesight?

Below is a summary of the range of compensation that can be awarded. This information is a guide to that part of a claim for the value of pain, suffering and loss of amenity (all known in legal terms as ‘General Damages’).

However, the value of a claim is not only calculated by assessing the injuries, but also by looking at your past financial losses, and any future financial losses you will continue to suffer. For this reason, it is vital you have the best medical solicitor to fight on your behalf.  Your claim should not be settled at an undervalue by inexperienced lawyers.

If you have suffered financial losses, as well as physical injury, then your claim may be worth a lot more than the figures below. We work hard to ensure our clients achieve the best possible outcome.

Choosing the Best Solicitor to get you Compensation for losing eyesight

Claims in medical negligence need the best specialist solicitors, who have a proven track record. To decide the full extent of the value of your claim, we will arrange to have your injuries assessed and to instruct appropriate medical experts. A good case can fail simply by instructing the wrong expert. We have an extensive register of medico-legal experts who will prove the injury you have suffered, how you have suffered it, how you have been affected and what the future holds for you.

Together, we can ensure that you get any further medical treatment that you need. We will help get you back on the road to recovery, as far as possible, with financial support for the past and the future.

What is the amount of compensation for loss of eyesight?

  • Total Blindness and Deafness                         In the region of £337,700
  • Total Blindness                                                          In the region of £224,680
  • Sight Loss in One Eye and Reduced Vision in the Other Eye
  1. Serious risk of deterioration in the remaining eye beyond more than just some risk of sympathetic ophthalmia. £80,300 – £150,370
  2. Reduced vision in the remaining eye and/or further problems including double vision.                                                  £53,460 – £88,550
  • Total Loss of One Eye                                     £45,840 – £55,000
  • Complete Sight Loss in One Eye                         £41,200 – £45,840
  1. Serious but not total loss of vision in one eye with no significant risk of loss or reduction of vision in the other eye /or where there is constant double vision. £19,800 – £33,000
  2. Minor yet permanent impairment of vision in one or both eyes, including cases with some double vision that may not be constant. £7,620 – £17,550
  • Minor Eye Injuries                                                             £3,300 – £7,320
  • Transient Eye Injuries where the patient will have recovered completely in a few weeks’ time                                                                         £1,840 – £3,300

NB The figures above apply to most claims, but not claims where a no win, no fee agreement was entered into before 1 April 2013.

Here is an example of a past negligence claim for loss of eyesight:

£800,000 for a 70-year-old woman who suffered loss of vision as a result of the continued prescription of a drug for eight years without regular assessments or reviews. The figure is so high as it includes anticipated financial costs of providing for this lady’s future needs, not just the value of her actual injury and her past financial losses.

For practical help

Please see our page giving practical advice and all about support you can access to help you cope with visual impairment in your daily life. Click here Support for Loss of Eyesight.

Follow our links below to quickly access our information pages about how we can help with a complaint about care, Inquests, funding a medical negligence claim relating to DVT, and more:

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