Testimonials from Medical Experts

Testimonials from Medical Experts

Many, lovely testimonials from our fabulous medical experts:

Dr W Schady, Neurologist:
“I have been delighted with your methodical, organised approach to complex medico-legal cases.”

Dr Adrian Rogers, General Practitioner:
“Caroline Moore is a highly respected and very experienced clinical negligence solicitor who really understands the importance of well-paginated records. I have worked with her for many years now and cannot fault the pagination or chronologies provided. Proper pagination by people who understand medical records saves time and endless hours of unnecessary searching with unnecessary costs. Get it right from the start and you are home and dry. I would not hesitate to recommend Caroline’s team to anyone.”

Dr Robert Masterton, Microbiologist:

“I have been involved as a clinical expert with medical litigation cases for over 10 years. There is nothing more certain to raise my blood pressure than the receipt of a badly organised set of poorly presented records in a case sent for my consideration. It has been a real pleasure to work with Caroline Moore on several occasions and her work has always been of the highest standard which has helped both my blood pressure and my sanity!!”

Professor Gordon WH Stamp, Histopathologist:
“I have worked with numerous clinical negligence solicitors but I have found Caroline Moore’s team to produce the most carefully presented medical records and exemplary chronologies which have enabled me to focus on the major issues of the cases rather than waste time and energy in searching for data. Their efficiency is second to none and I strongly recommend them to any legal firms in need of professional medical records services.”

Professor Simon Kroll, Paediatrician:
“I should be delighted to provide a testimonial, and wish you all the very best in your own business. I recall two cases of yours, in both of which – as I recall – the notes were well presented, with helpful chronologies. Very best wishes”

Mr John Thompson, Vascular Surgeon:
“I was delighted to work with Caroline on a recent complex case. The summary chronology and pagination she prepared were unique in my experience and saved a huge amount of time, both for me and the legal team. I find it difficult to wade through a CD containing PDF so a well-prepared bundle is a godsend.”

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