Weekly News Desk -Health and Medical Legal

Weekly News Desk -Health and Medical Legal

Weekly News Desk to bring yourself up to date on recent NHS and Health News

Our boy at the Weekly News Desk !

Weekly News desk is here, just in case you missed any of the top stories that we spotted last week in relation to Health and Medical law issues, Here is the round-up:

The harrowing story of a mother’s long battle for truth and justice in relation to the preventable death of ehr 11 month old daughter:

Calls for Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust’s Chief Exec to resign over the scandal of many hospital deaths:

Naughty Sandwell Hospital order striking Junior Doctors to work:

The bar has been raised by the European Court of Human Rights in relation to the Human Right for protection of the right to life, also relevant to consent issues in care:

A heartwarming and successful story of the rush from many to save one. Long live humanity!

An amusing tale from the picket line: A Junior Doctor ponders hooking up his mobile wifi to an MI6 Surveillance van! His tweet extracted here:

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