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For Medical Complaints and Claims You Need a Specialist

As specialists, Medical Solicitors Lawyers care about giving the best legal advice and the highest standards of client care. Speak to one of our Lawyers free of charge about a complaint about medical care. Medical Solicitors will give you the best advice in this complex area of medical law, on complaining, or claiming compensation for medical or clinical negligence and injury. Please do explore our website pages on Medical Claims to see examples of past compensation cases for medical negligence.

Medical Solicitors Lawyers provide urgent legal advice and support for patients anywhere in England, Wales & Scotland. We have doctors and barristers located all over the UK, who provide us with meeting facilities, in London, Birmingham, Stoke, Oxford, Manchester, Leeds, Hull, Liverpool, Newcastle, etc. Our specialist Lawyers will travel to see clients. We think it best to see our clients in the comfort of their own home over a cuppa. You are not a number to us.

It can be daunting thinking about complaining, or claiming, against the NHS - we are here to help. You may have many questions, such as:

"How do I complain about my medical treatment?"
"I need legal help with an Inquest."
"Will complaining about my medical care affect my ongoing treatment?"
"Was my medical treatment acceptable?"
"Was there a failure in my medical care?"
"My surgery went wrong; what should I do?"
"How do I sue my doctor?"
"How do I sue a hospital?"
"How do I sue my G.P.?"
"I think my doctor has been negligent" or,
"I think I have suffered a medical accident" and so, "How do I find out?" or,
"How do I prove this?"

Medical negligence claims need the best specialist solicitors to instruct independent medical experts to comment on whether the treatment provided was negligent: a good case can fail simply by instructing the wrong medical expert; we have an extensive register of medico-legal experts who have a proven track record.

We can advise on the full range of medical claims, such as birth injury, injury to mothers whilst giving birth, surgical errors, anaesthetic problems (such as being awake during your anaesthetic), DVT, orthopaedic and dental negligence, neglect of the elderly or vulnerable patients, delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis by general practitioners (particularly compensation for sepsis negligence), or delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis by an NHS hospital, or a private hospital doctor. Delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis cover a very wide range of medical conditions; it's not uncommon for Medical Solicitors Lawyers to advise upon delayed diagnosis of cancer, and where cancer has been misdiagnosed.

Medical Experts

The right choice of medical expert is pivotal to your case. The wrong choice could prove a disaster for your claim or lead to significantly reduced compensation being recovered.

Only a specialist clinical negligence lawyer can make the right choices about medical experts.

You can check if a solicitor is a specialist by checking the Law Society or AvMA Accredited Lists.

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