Failed Surgery / Surgical Injury

Failed Surgery / Surgical Injury

Advice about failed surgerySurgery and a hospital stay are stressful enough but if you suffer complications because of failed surgery, or an injury during surgery, then you may have to stay longer than expected.

Apart from the fact of failed surgery, you may actually feel physically worse. Perhaps things happened during surgery, to which you did not agree or you have suffered complications that your surgeon did not warn you about.

Failed surgery can cause patients to feel depressed, angry and to make a complaint to get an explanation and possibly an apology. At times, where there has been an obvious mistake, hospitals may admit this and offer to pay compensation. It’s important to get advice to see whether the sum offered is fair.

Real Compensation Cases for failed surgery

£400,000 to a lady who sustained brachial plexus damage after surgery to remove a rib, resulting in the near total loss of use of her left arm and hand.

£27,500 to the widow of a patient who died some 4 years earlier than his life expectancy when a tube was inserted into his lung dramatically worsening his condition and leading to his death a few weeks later.

£20,000 to a mental health patient when a surgeon operated on the wrong leg to drain an abscess.

£7,500 to a lady who did not receive full planned surgical treatment to her feet and then had to wait for another 14 months for further surgery to correct an acutely painful foot condition.

£4,750 to a lady who was left with a retained swab after a hysterectomy.

£2,500 to an elderly patient who woke up after surgery with lacerations on his arm.

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