Your Needs

Your Needs

Your NeedsYou may be looking for a variety of things:

1. An explanation about what has gone wrong and why.

2. Assurances that there has been a proper investigation and that you have been taken very seriously.

3. Accountability for mistakes that have been made.

4. An apology.

5. Agreement as to the way forward, E.g. to agree upon the next step in your medical care and/or whether you will be offered a second opinion.

6. Assurances that other patients will not have the same experience.

7. An independent investigation if you are not satisfied with the medical providers response to your formal complaint.

8. Representation at an Inquest.

9. Compensation.

We can give you some free advice in the first instance, so please call us on  0114 2507100 or email us via our Contact us page.

If it is better for you (owing to work) please do request that we speak to you one evening, outside usual work hours. We are hear to try and make life easier for you in what is usually a difficult time for you and your family.

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