Latest news for obesity and mental health in children

Latest news for obesity and mental health in children


Child Obesity

MP’s within the Commons’ Health Committee have stated that there is “compelling evidence” a tax would reduce consumption of sugary drinks as part of a “bold and urgent” set of measures to tackle child obesity in England. The report pointed to evidence from Mexico which introduced a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks of 10% and saw a 6% reduction in consumption. (article dated 30/11/15)

Mental Health in Children

A study has suggested in a poll of parents that 55% of parents have not addressed the matter of mental health with their children. This is a matter which is not being addressed in children’s lives young enough, to the point where they do not have an understanding of how to approach this issue. This is pertinent in that the poll extending as far as parents of children age 16 and the fact that suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK (article dated 30/11/15)

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