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  • Junior doctors’ contract deal agreed

A deal has been agreed in the long-running dispute over a new junior doctors’ contract in England. Government negotiators and the British Medical Association leadership have reached an agreement after eight days of talks at conciliation service Acas. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said the deal was a “significant step forward”while the BMA said it represented the “best and final way” to end the row.

18 May 2016

Our Director, Caroline Moore, comments: “This was particularly good news following on the back of the (somewhat scaremongering?) article in the press below, printed the day before.”

  • ‘Almost half’ of junior doctors ‘will quit the NHS’ if contract is imposed

Almost half of junior doctors plan to quit the NHS if health secretary Jeremy Hunt’s threatened contract imposition goes ahead, a survey has found. The survey, launched by a GP trainee and attracting thousands of responses, was designed to gauge the opinions from doctors and medical students about the junior doctor contract row.

17 May 2016


  • A spot of gardening… it’s just what the doctor ordered! Activity could be prescribed on the NHS to ease symptoms of dementia and ward off heart disease

Gardening should be prescribed on the NHS to ease the symptoms of dementia and ward off the risk of heart disease, a report says. The King’s Fund think-tank says GPs should make more use of Britain’s ‘love affair with gardening’. The 65-page report, which was backed by ministers last night, calls on health boards to set up projects for the green-fingered.

17 May 2016

  • Midwife-led care ‘leads to increase in natural births’

A pioneering midwife-led approach to maternity care has led to a significant increase in natural births in Southampton, according to researchers.

17 May 2016

  • Don Lock death: Ten killings to be reviewed by NHS trust

Ten killings involving patients of a mental health trust will be reviewed after the conviction of a man who stabbed a motorist to death. Matthew Daley, 35, stabbed Donald Lock 39 times on the A24 in Findon, after the 79-year-old ran into the back of his vehicle.

17 May 2016


  • Billion dollar rewards for new antibiotics called for to defeat catastrophic rise of superbugs

Pharmaceutical companies should be offered billion dollar rewards to develop new antibiotics to tackle the rise of drug-resistant superbugs, the leader of a major government review recommends today. Lord Jim O’Neill is also calling for bans on the widespread use of antibiotics on animals to avert a crisis that could see 10 million unnecessary deaths a year by 2050.

19 May 2016

  • HIV cure a step closer after scientists remove virus’s DNA from living tissue

Scientists have managed to remove DNA of the HIV virus from living tissue for the first time in a breakthrough that could lead to an outright cure. At the moment, treating the disease involves the use of drugs that suppress levels of the virus so the body’s immune system can cope.

19 May 2016

  • Eating curry may help fight off dementia, new study suggests

Eating curry at least once a week may help to stave off dementia, new research suggests.

For perhaps too many Britons, a trip to the curry house is an occasion not associated with improved memory and verbal skills.

20 May 2016


  • Man receives penis transplant in U.S.

A hospital in Boston has become the first in the US to perform a successful penis transplant, doctors said, calling the operation “a surgical milestone”. Thomas Manning, 64, received the donated organ three years after his penis was amputated due to penile cancer. He is the third man worldwide to have had the experimental surgery performed.

16 May 2016

  • Cigarette companies lose last-minute bid to stop plain-packaging EU law

Tobacco giants have lost their High Court challenge over the Government’s new plain packaging rules, the day before they are due to come into force. A judge dismissed a judicial review action brought by the world’s four biggest firms, hours before new laws enforcing standardised, green cigarette packets become law.

19 May 2016

  • Zika strain that causes microcephaly found in Africa for the first time, WHO confirms

Two hundred cases of the Zika virus have been confirmed and thousands are suspected in Cape Verde in the first African outbreak of the strain of the disease that has hit South America, the World Health Organisation has revealed. Three cases of babies with microcephaly – an unusually small head associated with incomplete brain development – have already been discovered on the island off Senegal on Africa’s west coast with 170 pregnant women among those infected.

20 May 2016


  • Amputee gamer shows off ‘Iron Man arm’

When James Young lost an arm and a part of a leg in an accident on his morning commute, he thought his love of playing video games was over. But after spotting an advert he began to work with prosthetics designers to create a unique limb that looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie.

18 May 2016

  • Great-grandfather, 99, hailed the world’s oldest cancer survivor, says ‘thank heavens – I’ve still got so much to do!’

A great-grandfather is thought to have has become the world’s oldest cancer survivor – at the age of 99. World War Two veteran Victor Marston was found to have a cancerous tumour on his bowel after he was rushed to hospital with acute stomach pain. Tests were carried out on the nonagenarian to determine he was fit enough before he underwent an operation to remove the deadly growth.

20 May 2016

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