Latest NHS and Healthcare News

Latest NHS and Healthcare News

Here is the latest NHS and Healthcare News from the last week that our Team focused upon at Medical Solicitors!

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  • How GPs in London are reducing hospital referrals

Charlotte Levitt, a GP based in south London, faced a dilemma. One of her patients was taking a drug that had just come onto the market and his kidney function had started deteriorating. Should she refer the patient to a consultant, or take him off the drug?

9 August 2016

  • Delays in discharging patients 23% rise

Delays in discharging patients from hospital have risen 23% since June last year, NHS England has revealed. Every day more than 6,000 patients well enough to leave hospital are unable to do so because there is nowhere suitable for them to be discharged to.

11 August 2016

  • Junior doctors strike: Calls for fresh industrial action

Representatives of junior doctors have called on their union to authorise fresh industrial action in their dispute about a new contract. The junior doctors committee (JDC) of the British Medical Association (BMA) is to ask its full council to back more industrial action from early September.

12 August 2016


  • More than a third of female students ‘have mental health problems’

One in three female students in the UK has a mental health problem, a survey suggests. This compared with about a fifth of male undergraduates, the YouGov survey
of 1,061 students found.

11 August 2016

  • Councils want crackdown on illegal tattooists

Local councils have called for tougher sentences for illegal tattooists, who they warn are offering cheap prices for their services to children. The Local Government Association (LGA) said the problem was increasing because tattoo equipment was becoming more widely available and cheaper to buy.

12 August 2016

  • Companies urged to take up ‘sweatworking’ to get Britain on move

“Sweatworking” should replace networking – with companies incentivised to conduct meetings while walking or working out, one of the UK’s leading health bodies has said.

15 August 2016


  • Drinking tapwater in the US could give you cancer, scientists warn

More than six million people in the US are drinking water that contains poisonous industrial chemicals linked with cancer and other health problems at levels higher than official safety limits, according to a major new study.

9 August 2016

  • Alzheimer’s Risk Could Be Identified In Young Brains And Treated Before Symptoms Appear

A group of genes found in healthy brains could be used to pinpoint the origins of Alzheimer’s and administer preventative treatments before symptoms appear. The study by the University of Cambridge uncovered a specific gene signature in healthy, young people that echoes pattern in which Alzheimer’s disease spreads through the brain much later in life.

11 August 2016


  • Emily’s List aims to shift US Congress to the left – state by state

Emily’s List, a group that traditionally focuses on electing individual pro-choice women to office, announced a new plan to target seven vulnerable states where organizers believe they can flip the some of legislatures from red to blue – and then, perhaps more permanently, do the same for the US Congress.

10 August 2016

  • Activists furious over DEA’s refusal to recognise medical benefits of marijuana

Campaigners have reacted with dismay after the Obama administration refused to stop classifying marijuana as a dangerous drug with no medical use – even though government research has shown it can kill cancer cells.

11 August 2016

  • Nigeria to start emergency polio campaign

Nigeria has announced an emergency mass polio vaccination campaign in the north-east after two new cases emerged. They were the first incidences of the highly infectious disease in Africa for two years.

12 August 2016


  • Brain-robot training triggers improvement in paralysis

In a surprise result, eight paraplegic people have regained some sensation and movement after a one-year training programme that was supposed to teach them to walk inside a robotic exoskeleton.

11 August 2016

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