Latest NHS and Healthcare News

Latest NHS and Healthcare News

Read our latest NHS and Healthcare newsHere is the latest NHS and Healthcare News from the last week that our Team focused upon at Medical Solicitors!


  • Enhanced flu jab to save ‘hundreds of lives’

An enhanced flu jab for elderly people will save hundreds of lives this winter, according to Public Health England. Flu is far more dangerous in old age. The effectiveness of flu jabs notoriously declines as people get older and was effective in just one in 10 over-65s last winter.

12 September 2018

  • NHS staff vacancies rise nearly 10% in three months amid unfolding ‘national emergency’, report shows

Staff vacancies in the NHS have increased nearly 10 per cent in just three months, as experts warned of an unfolding “national emergency” with nearly 108,000 jobs unfilled. Official data from the first three months of 2018/19 released by watchdog NHS Improvement have laid bare the parlous state of the NHS with winter just months away.

12 September 2018

  • NHS diabetic foot and toe amputations up 26%, Labour research claims

The number of diabetic foot and toe amputations undertaken by the NHS in a three-year period rose nearly 26 per cent, according to research commissioned by the Labour Party. Deputy leader Tom Watson revealed the statistic on Wednesday ahead of a speech where he will pledge to halt the precipitous increase in obesity-linked Type 2 diabetes within one parliamentary term if Labour is elected.

12 September 2018

  • NHS treatments in England fall by 84,000 as waiting list grows

The number of consultant-led NHS treatments in England fell by more than 84,000 in the first seven months of 2018 compared with last year, and there was an increase in the waiting list for planned surgery. Analysis by the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) found that on average 675 fewer patients a day were admitted for planned treatment, including surgical operations, between January and July compared with the same period last year.

13 September 2018



  • Second patient may have drunk cleaning fluid at hospital before pensioner died, inquest told

Another patient may have drunk cleaning fluid in the same hospital where a pensioner died after consuming Flash, an inquest heard. Joan Blaber died six days after drinking the floor cleaner at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton where she was being treated last year.

12 September 2018

  • ‘My girl’s meningitis was diagnosed as ear infection’

Worried, she decided to take her to the local accident and emergency unit, where Amy was diagnosed with an ear infection and sent home with some medicine. Two days later, her condition had worsened. She had a sky-high temperature, was no longer eating or drinking and had gone floppy. Her mother took her back to the hospital. “All hell broke lose,” says Mrs Walkden, 29. “Within an hour, she was placed in an induced coma. She was diagnosed with sepsis and then later peneumococcal meningitis.”

14 September 2018

  • Labour calls for ban on early foetus gender test

Labour is calling for a ban on parents-to-be being told the sex of their baby after early blood tests, amid fears it may lead to abortions of girls. The Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) is used by the NHS to test for genetic conditions, but people can pay for it privately to discover a baby’s gender.

17 September 2018



  • No evidence cough medicines work with one in seven patients experiencing negative side effects, study finds

There is no evidence that medicines for persistent coughs have any benefit, and one in seven patients actually experience negative side effects, a study has found. Swiss researchers comparing the medications against a placebo found no examples where they significantly sped up recovery or improved patient wellbeing in any of the other areas tested.

11 September 2018

  • Crowdfunding sites may help fuel pseudoscience and bogus cancer cures, investigation finds

Crowdfunding websites could be helping to fund pseudoscience and drive patients to “quack” alternative medicine practitioners peddling cancer cures which aren’t backed up by evidence, according to an investigation in the British Medical Journal (BMJ). Cancer patients fundraising for treatment with alternative therapies through UK websites have raised at least £8m since 2012, much of it spent at clinics based overseas.

13 September 2018

  • Vapers rise ‘to more than three million’ in Britain

Most use e-cigarettes because they have quit smoking and 40% are smokers who are trying to give up. The estimations are based on a survey of 12,000 British adults. But a “worrying” belief that vaping is as bad as smoking still exists, a King’s College London analysis found.

14 September 2018


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  • Can health services handle the Apple Watch?

When Apple announced two major new healthcare features this week, it billed them both as terrific innovations that may well keep us alive. Later this year, its Watch will be able to automatically call emergency services if it detects you have suffered a fall and are no longer moving. And it will also let you know if you have heart problems and should perhaps visit your doctor as soon as possible.

14 September 2018

  • Zimbabwe cholera outbreak: Anger at crowdfunding scheme

Zimbabwe has launched a crowdfunding campaign to deal with an outbreak of cholera that has so far killed 25 people, mostly in the capital, Harare. New Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube sent an appeal on Twitter, sharing a mobile payment account number.

14 September 2018



  • High School Musical inspires UK student’s US college dream

Tilly Griffiths was inspired by High School Musical to attend an American university. And after achieving three As and an A* in her A-levels, the 18-year-old, who has spinal muscular atrophy, has won a four-year scholarship to Stanford University.

14 September 2018

  • Harry from St John Ambulance teaches CPR

The St John Ambulance ‘Badger’ youth programme teaches children between seven and ten skills such as how to perform CPR. Harry, nine, shows us how to do it.

14 September 2018



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