Latest NHS and Healthcare News

Latest NHS and Healthcare News

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  • Scottish NHS locum bill hits nearly £250 million

Scotland’s NHS spent nearly a quarter of a billion pounds on expensive locum doctors and nurses last year because there are too few permanent staff, Ruth Davidson has disclosed.

15 September 2016

  • Hospital hid cancer operation error from dead woman’s family

The family of a mother-of-three who died two days after she had an operation to remove a kidney was not told about a surgical error.

15 September 2016

  • Merseyside specialist hospital first to be rated ‘outstanding’

A heart and chest hospital has become the first specialist hospital in the country to be rated “outstanding” by the health watchdog. Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is “of exceptional quality”, the Care Quality Commission chief inspector of hospitals said.

16 September 2016

  • Junior doctors take contract fight to high court

Junior doctors in England are going to the High Court to try and stop the government imposing a new contract. The group Justice for Health, which is mounting the legal challenge, says the contract is unsafe and unsustainable and it accuses Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt of acting outside his powers.

19 September 2016


  • Legalise medical marijuana, say MPs

A report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Drug Reform has concluded that the current refusal to recognise the medical value of cannabis is “irrational”, and called for an end to the de facto criminalisation of hundreds of thousands of people who use the drug to relieve pain.

13 September 2016

  • ‘Lack of FGM convictions is a scandal’: Damning report by MPs reveal nearly 500 girls are having the brutal procedure every MONTH 

The failure of police and prosecutors to secure a single conviction of any individual for female genital mutilation in more than 30 years is a national scandal, MPs said on Wednesday.
15 September 2016

  • NHS funding cuts ‘forcing people to buy medicine through Facebook’

Desperate people denied treatment due to NHS funding cuts are risking their health by buying and self-administering medication from overseas countries despite serious concerns the tablets may be harmful.

15 September 2016

  • Choosing Wisely aims for doctor-patient ‘culture shift’

Patients in Wales are being urged to take more control of decisions about the care and treatments they receive, as part of a new medical movement. Choosing Wisely Wales aims for a more equal doctor-patient relationship.

16 September 2016

  • National ‘Uber-style’ private GP service sparks backlash 

A new ‘Uber-style’ system of private GP appointments using NHS doctors is to be rolled out nationally, sparking a backlash from some medics.

16 September 2016

  • Fire service rescuing more obese people across UK

The number of obese people being rescued by the fire service because they are too large to move on their own has gone up by more than a third over the past three years. Figures obtained by BBC Radio 5 live show there were more than 900 incidents in the UK in the past year.

19 September 2016


  • Cervical screening ‘could save hundreds more lives’

The lives of hundreds more cervical cancer patients could be saved if all those eligible went for screening, says a study published in the British Journal of Cancer. Nearly 2,000 women’s lives are saved as a result of cervical cancer screening in England each year, the report found.

16 September 2016


  • Australians will soon have to pay $40 for a packet of cigarettes

It is already among the most expensive places in the world to buy cigarettes, but the cost of tobacco in Australia is about to rise even more. A packet of cigarettes in the country will cost $40 (£23) by 2020, after new legislation was cleared in the Australian parliament yesterday (14 September).

15 September 2016

  • Brain cancer now deadlier among US children than leukemia

Brain cancer is now the deadliest childhood cancer in the US, now ahead of leukemia, a result of improved leukemia treatment and a frustrating lack of progress on brain cancer. Government statisticians reported the change in rankings on Friday, drawing from a review of 15 years of death certificates.

16 September 2016

  • Chinese actor Xu Ting dies after choosing traditional medicine over chemotherapy

In July Xu, 25, announced on the Chinese social media website Weibo she had lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system that best responds to chemotherapy as a first-line treatment.

16 September 2016

  • The hidden danger in your hand soap

A US Food and Drug Administration ruling this month bans the use of triclosan, triclocarban and 17 other antiseptics from household soaps because they have not been shown to be safe or even have any benefit.

18 September 2016


  • The tooth fairies! British scientists invent tooth fillings that should last a LIFETIME 

Tooth fillings supposed to last a lifetime have been invented by British scientists. Hailed as a revolution in dental care, the compound not only blocks cavities but repairs bacterial damage. It releases minerals such as calcium and phosphate, which the tooth uses to form new minerals and repair itself.

19 September 2016

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