Latest NHS and Healthcare News

Latest NHS and Healthcare News

Here is the latest NHS and Healthcare News from the last week that our Team focused upon at Medical Solicitors!

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  • Hospitals and GP practices fail to check for HIV

Some hospitals and GP practices in England and Scotland are failing to carry out recommended HIV checks, a BBC investigation has found. Experts suggest patients in areas with high rates of HIV ought to be offered a test when they register with a GP or are admitted to hospital.

12 October 2016

  • Summer 2016 ‘worse than most winters for A&E’

Waiting times in A&E units in England this summer have been worse than every winter for the past 12 years bar one, figures show. The colder months have traditionally been the most difficult for hospitals.

13 October 2016

  • Safety fears in two-thirds of England’s A&Es, inspectors say

Safety concerns have been raised about two-thirds of A&E units in England, with inspectors blaming underfunding of council care services for causing overcrowding in hospitals. The Care Quality Commission review said emergency care was one of the poorest-performing parts of the system.

13 October 2016



  • Pregnant women could be forced to show their passports before giving birth

Pregnant women could be forced to show their passports when they give birth at NHS hospitals as part of a plan to crack down on “health tourism”.

11 October 2016

  • Rising diabetes and obesity crisis laid bare by data analysts in new maps

The number of prescriptions given to treat type 2 diabetes – a disease associated with obesity and lifestyle – has risen by nearly 35 per cent in just four years, according to new research. Data analysts at Exasol produced a heat map of England showing prescription rates in 2011 and 2015, using official Government figures.

11 October 2016

  • Instagram-filtered images of celebrities ‘put pregnant women’s health at risk’

Pregnant women are being bombarded on social media with Photoshopped images and dangerous myths about exercising in pregnancy, leaving many feeling fearful and confused, experts will warn at next weekend’s Baby Show in Olympia, west London.

16 October 2016

  • Big supermarkets allowed to regulate their own food safety just 4 years after horsemeat scandal

Fears are mounting that the next horse meat scandal is just around the corner, as big supermarkets may soon be allowed to avoid inspections from Government officers.

16 October 2016



  • Parental Absence In Early Childhood Linked To Smoking And Drinking Before Teenage Years, Research Suggests

Parental absence in early childhood has been linked to kids taking up smoking and drinking before they reach their teenage years, a study has revealed. Children who experienced parental absence – defined as the loss of a biological parent as a result of death or a relationship breakdown – before the age of seven were more than twice as likely to have taken up smoking, according to research published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood.

10 October 2016

  • New therapy ‘cures’ monkeys of HIV-like virus, could offer breakthrough for treatment in humans

A new drug could be a breakthrough in the project to cure HIV, acccording to researchers. The combination of drugs helped stave off a monkey version of HIV for nearly two years after the animals stopped receiving treatments, researchers said.

14 October 2016

  • Women who regularly consume soft drinks may be reducing their chances of getting pregnant

Women who regularly consume soft drinks may be reducing their chances of getting pregnant, according to new research.

17 October 2016



  • Company offers employees ‘unsick’ days so they can visit the doctor and dentist

An US online firm is offering its employees “unsick days” so they make medical appointments, after a survey showed that 60 per cent of workers feel uncomfortable leaving work for check-ups.

13 October 2016

  • Haiti: Health experts race to stop cholera outbreak in aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

Health experts are racing to control an outbreak of cholera in Haiti, where more than 200 cases of the potentially fatal disease have been reported since Hurricane Matthew struck ten days ago. The World Health Organisation (WHO) said it was sending a million doses of cholera vaccine, before the imminent rainy season intensifies the risk by spreading germs from overflowing lavatories. That high-risk period stretches from November to January.

14 October 2016



  • Paralysed man feels through robotic fingers in world-first breakthrough

‘The ultimate goal is to create a system which moves and feels just like a natural arm would,’ scientist says

14 October 2016

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