Latest NHS and Healthcare News

Latest NHS and Healthcare News

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  • Sussex NHS mental health trust criticised over killings by patients

A mental health trust which underestimated the risk patients posed and sometimes did not act on threats to kill, has been criticised in a review of 10 killings over eight years. The review examined deaths linked to Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust patients between 2007 and 2015.

18 October 2016

  • Every 1% saved from chaotic NHS procurement could save £220m

Every 1% reduction – a reasonably conservative target – in hospital trusts’ annual procurement expenditure of £22bn could, for instance, pay for more than 4,000 extra junior doctors. Health secretary Jeremy Hunt’s tough line with junior doctors contrasts with his and his predecessors’ timid approach in addressing the chaotic management of NHS England procurement expenditure.

18 October 2016

  • One in three maternity units have turned away women in labour

More than a third of maternity units have been forced to shut their doors to women in labour because they could not cope with demand, leading midwives have warned. Figures from the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) show that 38.6% of maternity units had to temporarily shut during the last year.

19 October 2016



  • Mother appeals for stem cells for dying daughter Ava Stark

A mother has appealed for people to get tested for stem cell donation after her three-year-old daughter lost out on a life-saving transplant for the second time in four months. Ava Stark, from Lochgelly in Fife, was just 24 hours from the operation when her family was told the donor had to pull out for medical reasons.

18 October 2016

  • Up to a million British women may suffer from psychosis due to PMS, gynaecologist warns

Up to a million British women may be suffering from an extreme form of PMS which can cause them to go into psychosis or severe depression due to their menstrual cycle, a senior gynaecologist has warned.

19 October 2016

  • Heading footballs ‘affects memory’

Heading a football can significantly affect a player’s brain function and memory for 24 hours, a study has found. Researchers said they had identified “small but significant changes in brain function” after players headed the ball 20 times.

24 October 2016



  • Migraines could be caused by gut bacteria, study suggests

Migraine sufferers have a different mix of gut bacteria that could make them more sensitive to certain foods, scientists have found. The study offers a potential explanation for why some people are more susceptible to debilitating headaches and why some foods appear to act as triggers for migraines.

18 October 2016

  • Vitamin D deficiency associated with heightened depression, study finds

A lack of vitamin D – common in the UK during the autumn and winter months – has been associated with increased symptoms of depression, according to a new study. Earlier this year everyone in Britain was recommended to take supplements of the vitamin during the darker months.

19 October 2016

  • Just two sugary drinks a day greatly increases diabetes risk, study shows

Drinking more than two sugary or artificially sweetened soft drinks a day greatly increases the risk of diabetes, research has shown. The Swedish study found that consuming more than two 200ml drinks more than doubled the chances of developing type 2 diabetes.

21 October 2016



  • Donald Trump’s views on abortion are dangerous – and even British women aren’t safe

Donald Trump sought to flex his pro-life credentials in this week’s third and final presidential debate by painting a gruesome picture of late term abortion. He claimed that his rival, Hillary Clinton, would allow doctors to ‘rip the baby out of the womb’ just days before birth.

20 October 2016—and–even-britis/

  • Young Chinese women are committing suicide at a terrifying rate – here’s why

For a long time, rural life in China was grim for women. They were married early, isolated and denied an education. Even today, many rural women are treated like second class citizens by their own family, subordinate to their fathers, brothers and  – once married – their husband and mother-in-law.

20 October 2016

  • Australian nurses who spread anti-vaccination messages face prosecution

Nurses and midwives who ignore scientific evidence by promoting anti-vaccination to patients and the public are being cracked down on in a tough new position statement from their industry regulator.

20 October 2016



  • Smaller plates and non-smoking friends: behavioural science might save the world from our unhealthy lifestyles

Good health is our most basic need and our most precious asset. Yet we are squandering it in the face of a rising tide of lifestyle diseases – cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory conditions – to which we have no adequate response.

20 October 2016

  • Liverpool brain injury hospital rated ‘outstanding’

A hospital specialising in brain and spinal injuries has been praised by health inspectors for the “outstanding” care it offers to patients. The Walton Centre in Liverpool was given the highest rating by the Care Quality Commission following an inspection in April.

21 October 2016

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