Latest NHS and Healthcare News

Latest NHS and Healthcare News

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  • Home Office to crack down on non-EU migrants using the NHS 

Non-EU migrants will see their partners banned from coming to the UK if they have an outstanding debt of £500 with the NHS, according to reports.

3 November 2016

  • Thousands of NHS staff may have paid too much tax

Thousands of NHS workers could have overpaid thousands in income tax and National Insurance, the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme understands.

The error, which dates back to 1999, applies to certain NHS employees who did Widening Access Training (WAT).

4 November 2016



  • Winter gloom – could the sunshine vitamin help?

Britain in winter is not a sunny place. And our levels of vitamin D, the “sunshine vitamin” produced by the action of light on skin, tend to run low. The government is now recommending that we all take a daily supplement throughout the winter. But do we really need it? What about eating more oily fish? Would a lightbox help? And who needs it most?

2 November 2016

  • Child obesity rates ‘on the rise’

Child obesity rates have shown a small rise in the past year in England, figures show. The proportion of 10- and 11-year-olds who were obese in 2015-16 was 19.8%, up from 19.1% the year before.

3 November 2016

  • Joy as first breast cancer drug approved for widespread use in ten years

Women in England still suffering from the disease after two rounds of chemotherapy will be eligible for eribulin, which promises three months’ additional life compared to rival therapies as well as improved quality of life.

3 November 2016

  • Good eggs: the health news that vindicated my 25-a-week habit

Few things scared Alfred Hitchcock as much as eggs. He was so revolted by their texture, and so afraid of oozing yolks (bafflingly, he would have preferred them to be red) that you might suspect The Birds was originally going to be The Chickens. Still, he wasn’t alone.

4 November 2016

  • ‘One-fifth of cancer patients face work discrimination’

Almost one-fifth of people (18%) diagnosed with cancer face discrimination from employers or colleagues on return to work, research by the charity Macmillan suggests. The survey of 1,009 patients, all in work when diagnosed, indicated that 15% returned to work before feeling ready.

7 November 2016



  • Bad childhood experiences ‘mean chronic illness more likely’

Children who are exposed to abuse, domestic violence or other stresses are far more likely to develop long term health problems, says new research. The Public Health Wales study looks at adverse experiences in childhood (ACEs) which include parents separating.

1 November 2016  

  • Gut bacteria ‘may help drugs fight cancer’

Bacteria living deep inside the digestive system seem to alter how cancer drugs work, a study suggests. Immunotherapies – which harness the body’s own defences to fight tumours – can clear even terminal cancer in a small proportion of patients.

7 November 2016



  • Brains of paedophiles who abuse children are different to those who do not, scientists discover

The brains of paedophiles who have never attacked a child are different to child sex abusers, according to a new study. Scientists used an MRI scanner to study the minds of 40 child abusers and 37 people who are paedophiles but have never sexually assaulted a child, along with 40 “healthy non-offending” people used as controls.

25 October 2016

  • Woman Whose Face Was Partially Paralysed Smiles Again Thanks To Surgery

A Bell’s palsy patient who was left with a drooping face after suffering from sudden facial paralysis has relearned to smile thanks to life-changing surgery. Megan Dennis, 38, from Orlando in Florida, was left with only 17% function on the left side of her face after developing Bell’s palsy three years ago.

7 November 2016



  • Elderly couple together for 70 years allowed to stay in same care home as heartfelt petition signed by thousands

An elderly couple who have been together since 1946 have been told they will be able to stay in the same care home together, after illness and an assessment process threatened to separate them. Jessie and Ray Lorrison, from South Shields, have been described as practically inseparable since they first met 70 years ago, and have been married since 1950.

2 November 2016

  • The woman who owes her smile to selfies: 27-year-old whose face was left paralysed used pictures to teach her to move her mouth again

A stunning young woman whose face was left paralysed by a rare condition has taught herself how to smile again. Anna Robinson, 27, from Nottingham, was terrified when she woke up earlier this year to discover she could no longer move her face.

4 November 2016

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