Latest NHS and Healthcare News

Latest NHS and Healthcare News

Here is the latest NHS and Healthcare News from the last week that our Team focused upon at Medical Solicitors!

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  • Jeremy Hunt launches nationwide sepsis campaign to help parents spot the signs in children

Jeremy Hunt has launched a nationwide campaign to help parents spot the signs of sepsis. The Health Secretary is hoping to raise awareness of the “devastating” condition which causes around 37,000 deaths each year in England.

15 December 2016

  • Hospitals ordered to divert patients from overstretched A&Es

Hospitals have been ordered to divert thousands of patients from Accident & Emergency units in an unprecedented step to help stave off a winter crisis. GPs and nurses will be sent to the front doors of casualty units to turn away less serious cases, in a bid to tackle record demand and overcrowding as Christmas approaches.

18 December 2016

  • NHS cashes in on private payers as waiting lists soar

Income received by NHS hospital trusts from private patients has risen by 23% in the last four years, as waiting lists for non-paying patients have soared. Under the government’s reforms, hospitals have been given the right to raise 49% of their funds through non-NHS work, often from patients seeking to avoid waiting for surgery. Prior to this, there had been a 2% cap on income that could be raised from private patients.

18 December 2016



  • Hepatitis C patients ‘go abroad for drugs’

Patients with hepatitis C are buying medication online from abroad to treat their disease to avoid long waits on the NHS, say experts. NHS watchdog NICE has approved the use of new drugs that cure more than 90% of some strains, but there are calls for them to be made more widely available.

15 December 2016

  • Babies made from three people approved in UK

Babies made from two women and one man have been approved by the UK’s fertility regulator. The historic and controversial move is to prevent children being born with deadly genetic diseases.

15 December 2016

  • Why ‘medical bulimia’ isn’t the answer to the obesity crisis

A tube that pumps food from the stomach 20 minutes after a person has eaten is at the centre of the latest debate surrounding the obesity crisis. To some, the AspireAssist equipment recently approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration is simply “medical bulimia” and a dangerously easy way to purge food.

15 December 2016



  • Dementia will soon be controlled just like HIV, says research institute

Alzheimer’s may in some cases be as manageable as HIV/Aids by 2025, the head of Britain’s new Dementia Research Institute (DRI) predicts. Professor Bart De Strooper said he hoped to see a time in the near future when the condition could be stabilised even if it proved impossible to cure.

14 December 2016

  • Anti-ageing breakthrough: Reprogramming the body could extend lifespan, say scientists

Scientists say they have successfully increased the lifespan of mice by reprogramming their body’s cells using a technique that suggests the ageing process could be “reversed”. Previous attempts to do this resulted in apparently younger cells but the mice quickly developed tumours and died.

15 December 2016

  • Sugary drinks tax ‘will benefit children most’

The health of children will benefit most from the sugar tax on the UK soft drinks industry, according to a study. It predicted if sugar was cut in the sweetest drinks in response to the tax, levels of tooth decay, obesity and type 2 diabetes would fall, particularly among the high-consumption under-18s.

16 December 2016



  • Physiotherapist Mistakes Stroke Symptoms For ‘Man Flu’ And Has To Re-Learn To Walk

A fit and healthy surfer who thought he was suffering from ‘man flu’ had actually suffered a stroke – and went on to have two more. Ryan Ogden’s then-girlfriend of just a year, primary school teacher Dee, 36, effectively became his carer, attending physiotherapy sessions and helping him move his limbs.

16 December 2016

  • Heimlich manoeuvre inventor dies aged 96

US doctor Henry Heimlich, who invented the manoeuvre used to help victims of choking, has died aged 96. Dr Heimlich died at a hospital in the US city of Cincinnati early on Saturday following complications from a heart attack he suffered on Monday, his family says.

17 December 2016



  • Eating cheese, butter and cream can help protect you from heart disease, study finds

Fatty foods such as cheese, butter, and cream are often considered culprits of heart disease – but according to a new study, a diet high in saturated fat could in fact bring significant health benefits.

13 December 2016

  • Woman has baby using ovary frozen in childhood

A woman has given birth in London after doctors restored her fertility using frozen ovarian tissue removed when she was a young child. The 24-year-old is thought to be the first in the world to have a baby after having an ovary frozen before the onset of puberty.

14 December 2016

  • Cancer Survivor Creates Bespoke Gift Service To Ensure Those Battling Illness Aren’t Forgotten Over Christmas

When Anikka Burton was diagnosed with cancer aged just 33, her entire life turned upside-down. Shas just got married, moved to the countryside and was looking forward to starting a family. “It was a shock as it is at any age,” she told The Huffington Post UK.

16 December 2016


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