Latest NHS and Healthcare News

Latest NHS and Healthcare News

Here is the latest NHS and Healthcare News from the last week that our Team focused upon at Medical Solicitors!Read our latest NHS and Healthcare news


  • ‘Gamechanging’ cancer drug rejected for use on NHS

A gamechanging immunotherapy drug that can extend the life of patients with advanced head and neck cancer has been turned down for use in the NHS because of its high cost. Nivolumab is one of a new class of drug that stimulates the patient’s own immune system to fight the cancer.

11 April 2017

  • Baby death cluster: Jeremy Hunt orders investigation

A cluster of baby deaths at the same NHS trust will be investigated, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said. BBC News has learned of at least seven deaths later deemed as avoidable in less than two years at the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust.

12 April 2017

  • Patients suffer worst ever winter for A&E admission delays

Emergency patients had the worst winter on record for being admitted to NHS hospitals in England, with nearly 200,000 waiting at least four hours. Figures from the health service showed a near five-fold increase in the number of A&E patients suffering admission delays over the past five years. Between December 2016 and February 2017 a total of 195,764 patients waited at least four hours to be admitted to hospital from A&E, up from 40,791 in 2011/12.

13 April 2017



  • UK supreme court denies tobacco firms permission for plain packaging appeal

All cigarettes sold in the UK must have standardised packaging from next month after the supreme court refused permission to the tobacco industry to appeal against the new laws. This is the final domestic legal decision, meaning that plain packaging of cigarettes will come into force on 20 May, the Department of Health said.

11 April 2017

  • Hip firm ‘cashed in’ on unsafe implants which left thousands of patients in pain

A director at the company behind hip implants which left thousands of British patients in pain boasted that its sales figures were “on fire” as a result of operations to replace unsafe parts. Internal documents obtained by the Telegraph show that Paul Berman, then in charge of hips marketing at  DePuy, bragged that “revisions are fuelling our above market growth”.

12 April 2017

  • Dying man Noel Conway can fight right-to-die law

A terminally ill man has won the right to bring a High Court challenge over the law on assisted dying. Noel Conway, 67, asked the Court of Appeal to overturn a decision that prevented a judicial review over the blanket ban on providing a person with assistance to die.

12 April 2017

  • From Hunchback To JLo: Deskercise Moves That’ll Improve Your Posture AND Your Body

Anyone that’s ever had back pain will know just how debilitating it can be. And with 10 million work days thought to be lost annually due to back aches, twinges and sharp pains (along with £1billion of lost revenue, according to UK Statistics Authority 2015) – it seems so many of us are affected.

13 April 2017


  • Arthritis symptoms: Sufferer swears by THIS to ease painful flare ups

OSTEOARTHRITIS – a form of arthritis – is a condition that affects your joints and prevents them moving smoothly. There is no cure for it currently but experts argue exercise could ease symptoms. When a joint develops osteoarthritis, some of the cartilage covering the ends of the bones gradually roughens and becomes thin, and the bone underneath thickens.

13 April 2017



  • ‘Touchscreen-toddlers’ sleep less, researchers say

Toddlers who spend time playing on smartphones and tablets seem to get slightly less sleep than those who do not, say researchers. The study in Scientific Reports suggests every hour spent using a touchscreen each day was linked to 15 minutes less sleep.

13 April 2017



  • Apple hires secret team to develop sensors to treat diabetes

Apple has hired a team of biomedical engineers as part of a secret initiative, initially envisioned by late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, to develop sensors to treat diabetes, CNBC reported citing three people familiar with the matter.

13 April 2017

  • The baby with a giant head: Build-up of fluid inside Thai boy’s skull could kill him – but doctors say treatment won’t help

A ten-year-old Thai boy suffers from a condition that has caused his head to double in size.

Nong Chogun was born with hydrocephalus – a build-up of fluid inside his skull which could be deadly. Two operations to relieve the pressure the excess liquid is causing on his brain both proved to be unsuccessful.

13 April 2017



  • Girl is first British child to receive ‘miracle’ artificial heart

13-year-old girl has made history by becoming the first British child to receive an artificial heart. Chloe Narbonne, who was 12 at the time, had the device successfully installed during a nine-hour operation at London’s Royal Brompton Hospital after a transplant heart failed.

10 April 2017

  • 6 Reasons Eating Chocolate Is Good For You, So Have Another Easter Egg

Hallelujah, Easter is on the horizon and that means we will all enter a chocolate coma for the next 72 hours, interrupted only for a roast lunch and perhaps a little spell of self-loathing as we finish our tenth Crème egg. But because science is the hero we all need, we’ve come to serve up a bounty of studies that justify all our chocolate consumption.

12 April 2017

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