Latest NHS and Healthcare News

Latest NHS and Healthcare News

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  • Vaginal mesh implants: Hundreds sue NHS over ‘barbaric’ treatment

More than 800 UK women are taking legal action against the NHS and the makers of vaginal mesh implants, the Victoria Derbyshire programme has learned. The implants are used to treat pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence after childbirth, but some can cut into the vagina – causing severe discomfort.

18 April 2017

  • NHS set to ban sale of sugary drinks and fatty snacks in hospital cafes and canteens

Hospitals will be banned from selling sugary drinks and high calorie snacks next year unless action is taken to drastically cut their sales, health officials have said. Under a national plan, retailers including Marks & Spencer, WH Smiths and Subway have agreed to cut sales of sweet drinks to a maximum of 10 per cent of their drinks output.

21 April 2017

  • Patient waits four years to leave hospital

A hospital patient has been waiting nearly four years to leave hospital after being declared fit for discharge. The unnamed patient, who has a “serious mental health condition”, learning disability, and physical health problems, has been in a hospital bed for more than 1,338 days. The patient is expected to leave hospital in “around six months”, after arrangements were made for their care.

24 April 2017



  • Modern Life Is Damaging Our Ears – Probably More Than We Realise

Noise exposure is the main cause of preventable hearing loss all over the world. It now accounts for more than a third of all cases of hearing loss in developed countries – and city dwellers are most at risk. A study published recently in The Lancet revealed that living in a noisy city increases your risk of hearing damage by 64 per cent.

17 April 2017

  • British children are online more than almost any other developed nation – and are more unhappy as a result

British teenagers spend more time on the internet than virtually anyone else in the world, leading them to become more unhappy and susceptible to mental health problems, a new report has found. Nearly one in four pupils in the UK are now considered “extreme” internet users, with tens of thousands spending three times longer online than the average dwell-time of children living in the rest of the developed world.

19 April 2017

  • Anonymous STI Messaging Tool Lets You Notify Sexual Partners If They’re At Risk

People who are worried that they may have put someone’s sexual health at risk can now notify sexual partners using an anonymous text messaging service.  Virgin Care’s Oldham, Bury and Rochdale and Teesside Sexual Health Services are piloting the new digital partner notification tool, which they hope will reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the area.

 20 April 2017



  • ‘Mind-blowing’ discovery could revolutionise our understanding of how brain works

A study of people born with one hand suggests neuroscientists may have fundamentally misunderstood the way the brain is organised, a scientist has claimed. Dr Tamar Makin, of University College London, said the new theory – if proved correct – would have “massive implications”, adding it was “mind-blowing” to think that scientists could have been mistaken for so long.

20 April 2017

  • Coffee lovers rejoice: Drinking 4 cups a day is NOT bad for your health, study finds

Coffee lovers rejoice – drinking up to four cups of your favourite beverage each day won’t damage your health. Scientists made the findings after reviewing more than 740 studies into the effects of caffeine on humans. They found consuming 400mg – the equivalent of four cups – was safe for adults, an amount that has long been deemed the limit.

24 April 2017



  • Health push in Uganda after mystery disease turns out to be ‘mossy foot’

A public health campaign has been launched in western Uganda after scientists unexpectedly found the region was afflicted by a tropical disease that causes disfigurement and swelling. The discovery came to light after experts were dispatched to Kamwenge district to investigate an outbreak of lymphatic filariasis, more commonly known as elephantiasis.

20 April 2017

  • Global plan to wipe out hepatitis

Countries must work together to wipe out viral hepatitis – a disease that is killing as many people globally as HIV and TB, says the World Health Organization (WHO). The death toll in 2015 was 1.34 million people, a new report reveals. An estimated 325 million people are living with chronic hepatitis caused by B or C virus infection.

21 April 2017



  • Tennant and Colman support selfie mental health campaign

Broadchurch stars David Tennant and Olivia Colman have posted selfies of themselves to show their support for a BBC mental health initiative. Tom Hardy and Russell Brand have also pulled their fingers out – four to be precise – for the #1in4 campaign.

20 April 2017

  • I was given three months to live – two years later, I’m running the London Marathon

In May of 2015, when most people were settling down after voting in the year’s springtime general election or finalising holiday plans for the summer ahead, Dundee dad of three Eric Hamilton was coming to terms with the worst news a man can hear. “It was the darkest period of my life”, he says. Hamilton had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. He was given just three months to live.

21 April 2017

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