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Latest NHS and Healthcare News

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Here is the latest NHS and Healthcare News from the last week that our Team focused upon at Medical Solicitors!


  • Heroic public sector staff deserve more pay – Hunt

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has indicated he will press the chancellor to give public sector staff more pay. He made the comments following a speech in which he praised the way NHS staff and the other emergency services responded to the recent terrorist attacks and the Grenfell Tower fire.

15 June 2017

  • GP shortage fuelled by rising numbers working part-time 

The average GP now works a four day week, fuelling shortages of doctors, health officials say. The head of Health Education England (HEE) said the millennial generation did not want to work the hours done by baby boomers. The average doctor now works four days a week, when it used to be around four and a half, health officials said.

15 June 2017

  • NHS cyber-attack was ‘launched from North Korea’

British security officials believe that hackers in North Korea were behind the cyber-attack that crippled parts of the NHS and other organisations around the world last month, the BBC has learned. Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) led the international investigation. Security sources have told the BBC that the NCSC believes that a hacking group known as Lazarus launched the attack.

16 June 2017



  • Are protein shakes good for you?

Protein shakes are in the news again – and as often seems to be the case, it’s not for a positive reason. A newly released BBC documentary has shone a light on the increasing use of protein as a post-workout supplement, taken by people to help their muscles repair and build. In a related article, the British Dietetic Association said that marketing for some of the products is “wrong and immoral”, creating a false body image that is absorbed by aspirational health enthusiasts.

14 June 2017

  • ‘Monumental’ NHS U-turn on breakthrough breast cancer drug is hailed by patient groups

Women with aggressive breast cancer will be granted a life-extending drug after a U-turn by NHS rationing bodies. The announcement was hailed by charities as a “monumental” decision by rationing bodies, which had previously rejected the drug as too expensive.

15 June 2017

  • Smoking rate in UK falls to second-lowest in Europe

Smoking rates across the UK continue to fall, showing a sharp decline since 2010 among younger people, latest figures reveal. In 2016, 15.8% of adults in the UK smoked, down from 17.2% in 2015, according to data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

15 June 2017

  • Scottish food watchdog wants ‘revolution’ on food sales

Supermarkets and other food retailers are fuelling Scotland’s obesity epidemic, according to new research. A report commissioned by Food Standards Scotland found that in-store promotions were heavily weighted in favour of food with high levels of salt or sugar.

16 June 2017



  • Deadly Cancer Cells Can Be Knocked Out By Combining Antibiotics With Vitamin C

The key to stopping potentially-deadly cancer stem cells from developing into tumours could be prescribing a combination of antibiotics and Vitamin C to patients. New research from the University of Salford, Manchester, has been testing the experimental new strategy, which works like a one-two punch with knockout results.

16 June 2017



  • Polio outbreaks in DRC set back efforts to eradicate the disease

Two separate outbreaks of polio in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have set back efforts to eradicate the debilitating disease. Two cases in Haut-Lomami province and another two in Maniema were confirmed by the World Health Organization, which last week said the virus had also come back in Syria.

14 June 2017

  • Steve Scalise undergoes third surgery as President Donald Trump says ‘he’s in some trouble’

Steve Scalise is undergoing his third surgery after being shot in the hip during a Republican baseball training session, as politicians on both sides prepared for the game he was preparing for, which will now take place in his honour. Republicans and Democrats will take to the field as planned on Thursday night for the annual game, in a tradition dating back to 1909.

15 June 2017

  • Most of Northern Ireland strongly backs abortion law reform, survey finds

A large majority of Northern Ireland’s population are in favour of reforming the region’s strict anti-abortion laws and back legal terminations for women made pregnant through sexual violence, a new survey has found.

Nearly 80% of the public in the region believe abortion should be legal when a woman has become pregnant as a result of rape or incest, according to the latest Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey.

16 June 2017



  • At This Dementia-Friendly Restaurant The Staff Will Probably Forget Your Order

With 850,000 people in the UK with dementia, chances are you’ll know someone suffering from the disease. It is incredibly difficult for the individual and their loved ones, as simple tasks we take for granted – such as remembering a loved one’s name or getting dressed in the morning – slip out of reach.

13 June 2017

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