Latest NHS and Healthcare News

Latest NHS and Healthcare News

Here is the latest NHS and Healthcare News from the last week that our Team focused upon at Medical Solicitors!Read our latest NHS and Healthcare news


  • NHS computer problems could be to blame for ‘hundreds of deaths’, academics claim

Problems with computers could be blamed for up to 900 patient deaths in the NHS a year, experts have said. Computers are embedded across the NHS but many are “bad” and “low quality”, according to two academics.

6 February 2018

  • NHS Trust is downgraded and told it needs to improve following CQC inspection

An NHS Trust which runs Bradford district’s mental health, community health and specialist learning disability services has been told it must do better. Healthcare watchdog the Care Quality Commission downgraded Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust from “Good” to an overall score of “Requires Improvement” after inspections in October and November last year.

9 February 2018

  • Man “frustrated” at mental health delays took his own life after NHS 111 hung up on him

A 32-year-old with Asperger’s and emotionally unstable personality disorder took his own life when NHS 111 call handlers hung up on him after months of “frustrations” with mental health services.

9 February 2018

  • Alert issued to NHS on incorrect use of oxygen cylinders risking patient death

NHS employers are being urged to ensure nurses and other clinicians know how to operate oxygen cylinders correctly, after a number of incidents in which patients died due to their incorrect use. In recent years the design of the cylinders has changed, meaning staff may believe oxygen is flowing when it is not, or they are unable to turn the flow on in an emergency.

9 February 2018

  • Liverpool NHS scandal shows how culture of denial harms patients

The independent review by Dr Bill Kirkup into events at the trust between 2010 and 2014 shows the root cause of the trust’s problems was an inexperienced and bullying leadership obsessed with achieving foundation trust status, irrespective of the effect on patients.

10 February 2018



  • Illegal teeth whitening caused ‘excruciating pain’

A number of beauticians in London are performing illegal teeth-whitening procedures, which can leave patients in crippling pain if they go wrong. One place was secretly filmed by BBC London using illegal levels of the hydrogen peroxide at a strength of 25%.

5 February 2018

  • Delayed cancer diagnosis leaves family with ‘what ifs’

Ronny Andrews, 64, from Cardiff, had a tumour on his liver discovered in January 2017, but it was not until September he finally had chemotherapy. This was four times longer than the 62-day treatment target set by the Welsh Government and by then it was too late. He was told it was terminal.

7 February 2018

  • Rate of Down’s syndrome abortions in UK and Europe is akin to Nazi eugenics, Church of England’s General Synod hears

The comments were made during a debate about non-invasive pre-natal testing as the Church raised concerns that a rising number of abortions would lead to the condition being wiped out altogether.

10 February 2018

  • Dystonia chronic pain ‘completely changed my life’

Being diagnosed with an incurable neurological condition “completely changed my life,” said Ann Pierce-Jones. The 56-year-old from Caernarfon, Gwynedd used to love socialising and being outdoors, but now lives in chronic pain due to uncontrollable muscle spasms and tremors in her neck.

11 February 2018

  • Do ‘natural method’ contraceptive apps actually work?

Caroline Davis had been using the Natural Cycles app as contraception for seven months when she discovered she was pregnant. “My period was a week late when I took the test,” she says. “The ‘you’re pregnant’ symbol came up immediately. I cried on the loo before phoning my boyfriend.”

12 February 2018



  • Spread of breast cancer linked to compound in asparagus and other foods

Researchers are investigating whether a change in diet could help patients with breast tumours after studies in mice showed that asparagine, a compound first identified in asparagus but present in many other foods, drives the spread of the disease to other organs.     

7 February 2018

  • A Special UV Light Could Stop Flu Spreading In Public Spaces, Offices

Scientists at the Columbia University Medical Center found that short pulses of far ultraviolet C light could be utilised as a means of preventing flu from spreading around offices or even public areas like train stations.

9 February 2018



  • How do you build a healthy city? Copenhagen reveals its secrets

Maybe it’s the Viking heritage. There is an icy open-air pool in the waters of Copenhagen’s harbour, and although it is mid-winter Danes still jump in every day. On the front cover of the city’s health plan, a lean older man is pictured climbing out, dripping, his mouth open in a shout that could be horror or pleasure. “Enjoy life, Copenhageners,” urges the caption.

11 February 2018

  • ‘I couldn’t mourn my grandmother because I had my period’

Although still a sensitive subject in many Indian families, menstruation had never been taboo in mine – until an emotional reunion revealed a generational divide.           

12 February 2018



  • Harry Potter star’s message of thanks to Hereford hospice

Staff were surprised and pleased to get the message thanking them for their “incredible” work.

6 February 2018

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