Latest NHS and Health News – the Round-Up!

Latest NHS and Health News – the Round-Up!

Read our latest NHS and Health newsALL ABOUT JUNIOR DOCTORS AND THE 7 DAY WEEK:

  • Jeremy Hunt blinks first in junior doctors dispute with agreement to halt work on implementing new contracts

Talks between the Government and the British Medical Association will resume for the first time since February after both sides agreed to a five-day truce in the long-running junior doctor contract dispute. In a potentially significant breakthrough, the Government agreed that all work to implement the new contracts, which will require more weekend working, will be suspended from Monday.

5 May 2016

  • Junior doctors: Jeremy Hunt’s claim patients more likely to die at weekends undermined by study

People who go to accident and emergency on a weekend do not have a greater risk of dying, according to a new study that contradicts the Government’s reasons for trying to create a “seven-day NHS”. Junior doctors have staged a series of strikes – including the first full walkout in NHS history – over attempts by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to introduce a new contract partly designed to increase staffing at weekends because of disputed research that suggests people are at greater risk.

6 May 2016

  • Junior doctors’ contracts: Fresh talks to begin later

Fresh talks aimed at ending the dispute over a new contract for junior doctors in England will get under way later. The two sides will attempt to resolve outstanding differences, which include Saturday pay and unsocial hours. The government has put on hold, for five days, its plans to impose the contract.

9 May 2016


  • NHS encouraged into ‘creative accountancy’ to hide looming debts

Hospitals are under pressure to “paint a false picture” of their accounts in order to hide the biggest ever NHS deficit, experts say, as official guidance urges trusts not to be too “prudent” in their approach. Forecasts show the health service is currently heading for the worst deficit in its history, with fears that the financial black hole could extend even beyond limits allowed by the Treasury. Guidance issued by the Department of Health (DoH), seen by The Daily Telegraph, urges NHS trusts to adopt measures which will help them to improve the books in the short-term.

2 May 2016


  • Ex-schools mental health champion criticises axing of role

Natasha Devon told BBC Newsnight that she had wanted to give young people a voice at government level. The loss of her role came after she had used a head teachers’ conference to stress the level of mental strain being put on pupils by rigorous testing. But the Department for Education denied the role was cut to silence criticism.

6 May 2016

  • Morning after pill: British women forced to pay five times more than European peers for contraceptive

Women in Britain pay up to five times as much for the morning after pill than counterparts in Europe. The pill can bought in France for as little as £5.50 whereas in in the UK, it can costs £31.60, according to research from the European Consortium for Emergency Contraception.

8 May 2016


  • New drugs for aggressive prostate cancer ‘promising’

A new type of drug could benefit men with aggressive prostate cancer that is no longer responding to treatment, researchers from the Institute of Cancer Research have said.

In a study on mice, Hsp90 inhibitors were found to strip cancer cells of defences against hormone treatments. This makes the drugs particularly promising for treating drug-resistant cancers, the research team said.

2 May 2016

  • Google given access to London patient records for research

Google has been given access to an estimated 1.6 million NHS patient records, it has been revealed. The data-sharing agreement, revealed by New Scientist, includes full names as well as patient histories. Google says it will use the data to develop an early warning system for patients at risk of developing acute kidney injuries. But critics have questioned why it needs the data of all patients to create such a specific app.

3 May 2016

  • Researchers ask ‘Is meat killing us?’ and their answer sounds like yes

Eating red meat appears to increase your chance of dying and there is “sound” evidence that a vegetarian diet is healthier, according to researchers who carried out a review of recent studies on the issue. In a paper entitled Is Meat Killing Us?, doctors from the Mayo Clinic in Arizona said a vegan diet had been shown to “reverse” cardiovascular disease, reduce blood pressure and the risk of getting diabetes.

6 May 2016


  • Johnson & Johnson hit with $55m damages in talc cancer case

Pharmaceutical firm Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has been ordered to pay more than $55m (£40m) in compensation to an American woman who says its talcum powder caused her ovarian cancer. Gloria Ristesund, 62, said she used J&J talc-based powder products on her genitals for decades. The company – which faces about 1,200 similar claims – insists its products are safe and says it will appeal.

3 May 2016

  • Medical errors now the THIRD leading cause of death in the US, behind heart disease and cancer, experts warn

Medical error is the third leading cause of death in the US after heart disease and cancer, a new study has today revealed. More than 250,000 deaths each year are caused by medical error, patient safety experts at Johns Hopkins University identified. That figure surpasses the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) third leading cause of death, respiratory disease, which kills close to 150,000 people each year.

3 May 2016

  • Australian smokers to be charged £23 for a pack of cigarettes from 2020  

Smokers in Australia will have to pay around 45 Australian dollars (£23) for a packet of cigarettes from 2020 after Malcolm Turnbull, the prime minister, imposed a hefty tax hike on tobacco. The measure was welcomed by medical experts and prompted some smokers to admit that the soaring prices would force them to quit.

3 May 2016


  • NHS choir signs film deal after topping chart at Christmas

The NHS choir that beat Justin Bieber to the UK’s Christmas number one spot in 2015 has signed a film deal to tell its story. The Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Choir beat the Canadian singer after he urged his 72 million Twitter followers to buy its charity single, A Bridge Over You. Producer Julia Verdin, who worked on The Merchant Of Venice starring Al Pacino, has secured the story’s rights.

5 May 2016

  • ‘What Would Be Your Miracle?’: The Tearful Moment A Man’s Disabling Tremors Are Finally ‘Switched Off’

A man with severe tremors was left overcome with emotion after a revolutionary treatment enabled him to pick up a drink without spilling it – for the first time in years. For the past three years, Mac MacGregor, 68, has been trapped in a body which shakes uncontrollably. His health condition makes even the simplest of tasks difficult. In the latest episode of ITV ‘What Would Be Your Miracle?‘, Emma Willis meets Mac who wants nothing more than to be free of his tremors.

5 May 2016

  • OrCam Glasses Could Help Blind People ‘Read Again’, Study Finds

Glasses fitted with a specialised miniature camera could help people read who are legally registered as blind, a trial has found. The camera, which uses optical character-recognition technology, was mounted onto the eyeglasses of people who are considered legally blind and was found to “dramatically improve” their ability to read an email, newspaper article, menu or page in a book. The device, called OrCam, was trialled by researchers at UC Davis Health System.

6 May 2016

  • Woman told she could not have children has baby with DNA method

A woman who was told she would never have children has given birth to a baby boy after doctors used a new DNA procedure to screen her embryos. Ewa Wybacz, 36, gave birth to her son, Biagio Russu, in January despite a history of medical problems that had led her to believe she would never conceive. Biagio is the first baby to be born in the UK from a trial of next generation sequencing (NGS) which gives IVF doctors a detailed picture of the health of an embryo’s chromosomes.

9 May 2016

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