Latest NHS and Health news – weekly round-up!

Latest NHS and Health news – weekly round-up!

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Accusations over Strike Action

  • Junior doctors were accused of putting patients in danger today by announcing the first full walkout of medics in the history of the NHS in their row over overtime pay and conditions.

23 March 2016

Less Junior Recruits

  • Almost one-third of GP training places remain vacant after the first round of recruitment, official figures today reveal.

The final figures after the first round of recruitment for August 2016 showed that 2,296 of places were filled across the UK – 70% of all places.

31 March 2016

Discrimination Against Female Doctors

  • Female doctors will face widening pay gaps with male colleagues and may be forced to quit medicine because the new junior doctors’ contract discriminates against women, especially mothers, leaders of the profession have said.

1 April 2016


Trade Agreement Concerns

  • The TTIP is being negotiated behind closed doors between the EU and the United States. It threatens to make the sell-off of the NHS irreversible.

The TTIP will give US multinationals, or any firm with American investors, new rights to sue the UK government if it ever tried to take privatised health services back into public hands.

28 March 2016

Less Funding for the NHS

  • ‘Leaving Europe will not mean more money for the NHS. It will mean less,’ argue four former health secretaries.

3 April 2016


Ombudsman Whistleblowers

  • Staff speak out against NHS watchdog as pressure mounts on the NHS ombudsman to resign.

Whistleblowers at the watchdog have exposed a “toxic environment” fuelled by unachievable targets with hundreds of patients’ complaints remaining unsolved.

29 March 2016

Easter Overindulgence

  • Overstretched A&E departments spent one of the busiest weekends of the year dealing with people who gorged on Easter eggs.

One hospital was even forced to plead that people who had overindulged to stay away. South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust issued a Facebook post asking over eaters to seek help elsewhere.

29 March 2016

Medical Marijuana

  • Whoopi Goldberghas had it with cramps and had it with stoner jokes, and now she’s doing something about both.

Goldberg announced Wednesday that she’s launching a medical-marijuana company with Maya Elisabeth, one of the leading “canna-businesswomen” in the field, with a line of products designed to provide relief from menstrual cramps.

30 March 2016


  • There are now more adults in the world classified as obese than underweight; a major study has suggested.

The research, led by scientists from Imperial College London and published in The Lancet, compared body mass index (BMI) among almost 20 million adult men and women from 1975 to 2014.

1 April 2016

Spending Power Devolution to Greater Manchester

  • Greater Manchester will become the first English region to gain control of its health spending on Friday. As part of an extension of devolved powers, the £6bn health and social care budget will be taken over by the region’s councils and health groups.

1 April 2016

Lab Grown Skin Experiment a Success

  • Scientists in Japan have successfully transplanted mice with lab-grown skin that has more of the organ’s working parts in place than ever before.

This would be vastly superior to the culturing and grafting techniques that are currently available, which produce skin without many of the biological components and functionality that we are used to.

1 April 2016

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