Medical Negligence Claims Lawyers for Falls in Hospital

Medical Negligence Claims Lawyers for Falls in Hospital

falls in hospitalFalls in hospital can make an already distressing time even more difficult for vulnerable patients.  Suffering a fall can cause pain, injury, a loss of mobility, confidence and independence, and in some cases, death.

Not all falls in hospital can be prevented.  However, compensation can be claimed where there has been a failure to adhere to national guidelines designed to minimise the risk of a fall.  That amounts to medical negligence.

Do contact our friendly team of specialist lawyers at Medical Solicitors.  We have extensive experience of bringing claims arising out of avoidable falls in hospital. We conduct most of our Clinical and Medical Negligence claims under ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreements, also known as Conditional Fee Agreements.  So, our clients do not have to worry about how they can possibly afford to pay fot the costs of compensation for falls claims.  You have nothing to lose in speaking to us.

Unfortunately, the likelihood of suffering a fall in hospital increases with age as people become frailer.  The consequences of a fall in later life can be physically and emotionally devastating.  Fractures are a common complication of falls.  Approximately 95% of hip fractures in the UK are the result of a fall.  Head injuries after a fall are also common and sadly, are often fatal.

Risk of falling

The risk of falling is multifactorial. Prevention is usually based on assessing multiple risk factors including:-

  • a history of falling
  • conditions that affect mobility or balance, e.g. arthritis, stroke, Parkinson’s disease
  • visual or cognitive impairment
  • urinary incontinence
  • frailty
  • use of certain medication

This risk should be assessed in all patients admitted to hospital and appropriate measures taken to minimise the risk of falling, depending on the individual’s risk assessment. Unfortunately, staff shortages, and the use of agency workers can leave hospital wards without sufficient cover to ensure the safety of all vulnerable patients.

Past Cases

These are just a few examples of compensation reovered for our clients relating to falls in hospital claims.

  • £60,000 to an 81-year-old lady who was left on a commode for over an hour, unable to reach a call bell. This was in the evening and the nurses forgot about her, She fractured her back trying to get herself back to bed without help.
  • £31,000 to the family of an elderly lady who fell in hospital and fractured her femur.  The surgery required to treat the fracture caused foot drop and loss of mobility.  Sadly, this resulted in pressure ulceration, infection, pneumonia and premature death.
  • £25,000 of compensation recovered when a fall in hospital caused ankle and peri-prosthetic knee fractures which accelerated the need for full-time residential care.

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