NHS and Health News – Round up!

NHS and Health News – Round up!

NHS and Health news that we focused upon in the last 7 days!


• ‘No convincing plan’ for NHS to save £22bn, says scathing report

An influential committee of MPs has made sweeping criticisms of the Department of Health and NHS England over their handling of acute sector finances.

(Article dated: 15/03/16)

Public sector pensions change in Budget criticised

Health and education will be squeezed by more than £1bn because of changes to the way public sector pensions are funded, figures seen by the BBC show. It comes after George Osborne announced in the Budget that employers would have to contribute more to pensions for NHS staff, teachers and the police. He said individual pensions would not be affected. The Treasury said employers had three years to get ready for the changes and would be helped by low inflation.

(Article dated: 18/03/16)


People with autism ‘die younger’, warns charity

People with autism are dying earlier than the general population, often through epilepsy or suicide, a charity has warned. Citing recent research carried out in Sweden, the charity Autistica described the problem as an “enormous hidden crisis”. The study, in the British Journal of Psychiatry, suggested autistic people die on average 16 years early. The charity now wants to raise £10m for more research into the condition.

(Article dated: 18/03/16)
Teenager died after doctor repeatedly missed the warning signs of undiagnosed diabetes – and gave her sleeping pills instead

A 17-year-old girl died just hours after a GP failed to diagnose her with severe diabetes, a medical tribunal has heard. Claire Taylor, from Angus, Scotland, had been ill with what she thought was a virus. But as her condition worsened, she began vomiting bile and suffering abdominal pain – as well as developing sunken cheeks and a purple complexion. Despite multiple consultations, her GP, Dr Michelle Watts, failed to recognise she was suffering from a life-threatening complication of diabetes which requires immediate treatment. The tribunal heard Dr Watts failed to carry out necessary tests or refer Miss Taylor to hospital.

(Article dated: 15/03/16)

Disability benefit cuts: Commons could be forced into emergency debate after 100,000 people sign petition

Changes will mean weekly payments for new claimants being cut from £102.15 to £73.10 in April 2017. The Commons could be forced into an emergency debate on disability benefit cuts after almost 100,000 people signed a petition condemning moves which will result in claimants losing £1,500 a year.

(Article dated: 15/03/16)

Tampon tax to be scrapped as Government avoids Eurosceptic defeat

The “tampon tax” will be scrapped after European Union leaders agreed to allow a zero VAT rating on sanitary products. Despite George Osborne indicating in the autumn that he wanted to drop the 5 per cent VAT rate charged on tampons and other such goods, the Government is currently restricted by EU tax law.

(Article dated: 18/03/16)
Teen who couldn’t talk now tells his sister to turn her music down

A £12,000 fund-raising effort has given 16-year-old James Walker a new lease of life, allowing him to communicate with his family. A severely disabled teenager who was unable to speak for 16 years can now tell his mother he doesn’t like her singing and tell his sister to turn her music off.
James Walker’s life was transformed thanks to the fundraising efforts of family and friends who managed to raise the £12,000 needed to buy him his own revolutionary machine that allows him to communicate through a computer.

(Article Dated: 17/03/16)

Osborne announces soft drinks sugar tax and tax-free personal allowance – budget highlights video

Some key moments in George Osborne’s 2016 budget speech in the House of Commons on Wednesday. The chancellor announces a new £520m levy on sugary drinks and plans to raise the basic rate tax allowance and the higher rate threshold

(Article Dated: 16/03/16)

Jamie Oliver on sugar tax: ‘A big moment in child health’

Chancellor George Osborne has unveiled a tax on the makers of sugary soft drinks to tackle childhood obesity. Responding to the announcement, Jamie Oliver said it was a “symbolic slap”, but hailed it as a “a big moment in child health”.

(Article Dated: 16/03/16)

  • Progress being made in research to develop stem cell transplantation to the brain to possibly reverse brain damage, such as Alzheimer’s

(Article Dated 18/03/16)


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