Annette Moore, Co-Director and Manager

Annette Moore, Co-Director and Manager

Annette Moore, Manager

Annette joined us in 2010, with a long history in Management within the Consumer Data Market.

Annette was responsible for a team of Data Sales Consultants, managing all aspects of the day to day business sales, as well as working constantly to keep well up to date with data security guidelines and new legislation. Client satisfaction and excellent Customer care have always been a particular focus for Annette – with a belief in listening to, and acting on all customer feedback.

Annette manages all work flows with our team of 16 Nurses, Paralegals & Assistant Solicitors. She works hard to make constant improvements in work processes, and keeps an eye on both work quality and consistency.

In her spare time, Annette likes nothing better than setting off with several hundred meters of rope for a spot of technical caving, or donning some scuba gear (if she can find someone to look after the 2 year old of course).

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