Weekly News Roundup

Weekly News Roundup

Weekly News Roundup NHS and Health News

Our boy delivering the weekly news roundup!

Here is our Weekly News Roundup, just in case you missed it, here are some of the medical legal, NHS and Health stories that we found interesting in the last week:

Access to Justice for Patients:                                                                  

Current government proposals are for fixed fees for medical negligence claims valued up to £250,000 to be introduced on 1 October 2016. That is the majority of medical negligence claims. This is a huge threat to access to justice for patients, as the fixed fees likely to be proposed will be no way reflect the complexity and time involved in providing proper representation for patients.

The following article refers only to direct access to courts in claims to £25k, but medical claims up to £25K can be extremely complex and time-consuming, so patients certainly need specialist lawyers to help them.  Direct access in such cases will deliver little, if any, justice for injured and vulnerable patients without lawyers.



Multiple Sclerosis Miracles

Real miracles happening lately for various patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, with a cancer treatment:


A revolution in cancer care

A revolution approaches in cancer care, with really exciting developments ongoing for chemotherapy without side effects:


GPs in Crisis

Soaring workloads and falling GP income, are putting sustained GP care in the UK in crisis, with warnings that patients are being short changed and put at risk.

‘Patients are being short-changed on a daily basis,’ Dr Nagpaul (Chairman of the GPC) warned, ‘with nine in 10 GPs stating that workload pressures are damaging the quality of care to patients. This is a disgrace in a system in which the government promotes quality and safety as central to the NHS.

‘It’s not safe nor sustainable for GPs to see patients with complex multiple morbidity in ten minutes, many of whom will be on over 10 different medications, and with heightened risk of medical error. It’s not safe for GPs to have up to 70 patient contacts daily in the style of a conveyor belt, and on top of that plough through hundreds of clinic letters, pathology results and reams of repeat prescriptions.


Various NHS stories on staffing levels

More bad news about NHS staffing here. At Medical Solicitors we feel that NHS staff caring for patients should not be cut, they should be better looked after, and it is nursing agency fees that need to be cut back. Agency nursing can lower standards on hospital wards because of lack of continuity of care.


Leaked NHS Guidelines reveal need for more staffing, not cuts:


The bad NHS news—a Doctor-patient giving birth has to save her own life when giving birth! Again, related to staffing.


The Good News NHS!

And now some good NHS news! We do need to hear the good stories as there are plenty of them. A young mental health patient’s life is saved.


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