Caroline Moore, Solicitor/Managing Director

Caroline Moore, Solicitor/Managing Director

Medical Solicitors Caroline Moore, Director

I qualified as a Solicitor in 1991 and have specialised in medical claims for the past 26 years. I am a Grade A solicitor (the highest UK Grade for a solicitor).

I feel privileged that in my first medical negligence case, I recovered a large award (£1M) for a 19-year-old (delightful) young man, who suffers from cerebral palsy. I take no pleasure in holding the NHS to account when medical care is not adequate; there are clearly far more patients that leave hospital happy with their care, than those who are unhappy.

However, for unhappy patients, I take my role in helping them very seriously. If they feel they have been let down by one profession, then I wish them to be happy with their service from the legal profession. I prefer them to feel relaxed with me on board. Seeing a solicitor can make a lot of people feel nervous and that’s a shame. If you see me, I won’t be in a suit; I will be casual smart and asking you to put the kettle on!

I also consider that I owe a critical duty to healthcare providers to screen out at an early stage possible claims that have poor prospects of success. In some cases, all patients want is better communication and clear answers, not to claim compensation and it is satisfying to achieve early resolution for all concerned in such circumstances (even though my firm receives no monetary reward!). Equally, it is so im[ortant that solicitors do not give clients false hope but honest and realistic advice, even though it may not be what a client was hoping to hear.

I have amassed a huge range of experience in many areas of medical practice but I do have a particular interest in brain injury (including stroke), cerebral palsy, maternal injury, DVT/pulmonary embolism, and delayed diagnosis.

I am happy to see clients at our offices, but I do like to see clients in the comfort of their own home. A lot of clients are poorly and would find it difficult to travel to our office anyway. My clients are people, not a file number.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my kids, but also springboard and platform diving. I reached competition level in October 2015. The diving is a psychological, as well as physical challenge, away from the challenges of litigation, but I am no Tom Daley! I am hoping to get back to the boards but I am hampered at the moment with a long recovery from ankle arthroscopy with microfracture!

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