A woman was awarded £80,000 in compensation after her colon was perforated during surgery to remove a cyst on her ovary.

Owing to her injuries, she required a colostomy bag for over a year and also developed an incisional hernia that needed further surgery.

The claimant ‘C’ was supported to make a medical negligence claim by Sonia Parkes, a senior litigator at the Sheffield branch of Medical Solicitors.

In October 2017, C underwent keyhole surgery to drain and remove a cyst on her right ovary. At the same time, she also underwent adhesiolysis to cut away some scar tissue on her bowel.

During the procedure her colon was perforated and needed emergency surgery to repair. This was done via laparotomy, where the surgeon made an incision in her abdomen, rather than keyhole surgery.

The colon was resected, whereby the damaged colon was removed and the ends sewn back together. This created a double barrel colostomy and stoma that required a colostomy bag. C had this reversed 13 months later.

She also developed an incisional hernia due to the laparotomy that wasn’t repaired until February 2020.

C was left with permanent scarring and constipation. She also has an increased risk of significant bowel adhesions in the future that may leave her with additional symptoms. Since the injury, C has experienced varying levels of depression.

Sonia settled the case during Mediation in January 2023. The £80,000 in compensation included £65,000 general damages for C’s pain and suffering, as well as £15,000 special damages for future costs of psychotherapy treatment and care and assistance following any future surgery for adhesion relation surgery or hernia surgery.

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