The Claimant, a 12-year-old boy (“C”), received a £4,000,000 lump sum, as well as annual payments of £15,000 per annum for life after an alleged failure in medical care resulted in him having to undergo a below-knee amputation. As a result, he would always need some physical and psychological support and be dependent on using prosthetic fittings and, intermittently, a wheelchair.

Details of the amputation compensation case related to “C”

C was aged seven and had been admitted to a hospital of the defendant trust for respiratory distress. During his admission, he, unfortunately, suffered from what is called a ‘femoral thrombosis’ (a blood clot in the upper thigh). The hospital failed to pick this up, which ultimately resulted in necessary amputation. Liability was admitted.

The amputation was to C's non-dominant leg, and the site of the amputation was below his knee. C suffered moderate psychological trauma. While continued to attend mainstream school, he would need future care and physiotherapy. He would be dependent on prosthetic fittings, which are very expensive, and he would need to use a wheelchair at times throughout his lifetime. A hip replacement was predicted to be necessary at the age of 65, as well as further future surgeries. With all of this to put up with it was understandably predicted that ongoing psychological care should be provided.

His award was broken down as follows:

  • General Damages (pain, injury and suffering): £120,000
  • Past loss (Total: £129,652): care: £75,000; aids: £2,484; travel: £1,575; transport: £595; accommodation: £6,736; holidays: £1,000; case management: £23,000; therapies: £8,970; prosthetics: £7,551. 
  • Future loss (Total: £5,248,679): case management until December 2018: £13,200; care from October 2018: £1,539,750; aids: £351,619; transport: £475,706; accommodation: £660,000; physiotherapy: £100,000; swimming lessons: £346; OT: £26,132; chiropody: £21,557; counselling: £10,371; prosthetics: £1,351,114; holidays: £100,340; education: £28,072; medical expenses: £58,046; trust: £14,472.00; loss of earnings/pension: £533,945.

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