Cases of Medical Negligence (Recent & Common Cases)

Cases of Medical Negligence (Recent & Common Cases)

Claims in medical negligence arise in many different circumstances and at Medical Solicitors we receive new enquiries on a daily basis that reflect a range of complex issues.

We strive to help our clients insofar as we can to get the answers they are looking for, even though it is true what they say; no two cases of medical negligence are the same. As a result, each potential claim has to be considered on its own individual circumstances and merits.

Our Specialist Team has a wealth of experience with different types of medical claims, and this article sets out a small sample of case summaries and the many different types of medical claims where compensation has been awarded.

Recent Cases of Medical Negligence

The following cases are just a few where we have recently been successful for our clients:

Tony’s Claim

This related to Tony’s wife, Carol, who suffered appendicitis, that went unrecognised, despite her being seen by various doctors in the few weeks before her death aged 56. Please follow this link for more information:

We took on her case after other solicitors had represented the family at an Inquest and advised that they could not pursue matters any further for the family. We issued court proceedings 18 months out of time, secured a fresh Inquest at which the verdict of a different cause of death (appendicitis) was correctly reached and settled a compensation claim for the family who had lost a wife, mother and grandmother. You can see Tony’s interview here.

Christine’s Claim

This related to an Orthopaedic issue. Please follow this link for more information:

Christine underwent negligent knee surgery and was left with permanent mobility problems. She has recently received her compensation award and thankfully it is making a real difference to her life. We helped her get the expert evidence she needed to prove how much support she was going to need in the future. She has since made adaptations to her home so it is more comfortable for her to get around. Christine is also having regular holidays in nice, sunny (and flat!) places. You can see more from Christine here.

Picceen’s Claim

This related to a Fall in Hospital. Please follow this link for more information:

Picceen was an 76-year-old lady at the time when she was left on a commode for an hour in the evening, after visiting hours, in hospital. While trying to get herself back to bed she fell and injured her spine. Sadly, the Defendant tried to paint her as being confused and to blame for the fall, and her case went all the way up to trial. Our solicitors were able to settle the claim just before she would have had to attend Court and we are lucky enough to keep in regular touch with Picceen. She talks about her experience of Medical Solicitors here.

Common Cases of Medical Negligence

Our Specialist Team receive new enquiries on a daily basis that cover a huge range of medical negligence issues such as these:

Medication and Dispensing Errors

How many times have you been to take your regular medication and take it for granted that it’s right? Unfortunately, there are cases where people are given the wrong dosage, or even the wrong tablets. This can have disastrous consequences for patients who aren’t getting the medication they need.

DVT/Pulmonary Embolism

Suffering from untreated blood clots is potentially very serious. Mobility can be affected if the clots are in the legs. If clots break off and travel to the lungs (pulmonary embolism) this can lead to other disabilities and even sudden death.Medical Negligence Claims Lawyers

These claims can arise for young or old, for example, failure to recognise a developing clot and failure to refer to hospital for investigation, prescribing certain types of contraceptive pill to ladies with high risks of suffering from blood clots and failing to send immobile patients home from hospital with blood thinning medication.

Pregnancy and Childbirth

clearly, doctors and midwives aim to ensure both mother and baby are in perfect health. Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong in various ways such as: –

  • Not detecting abnormalities during antenatal scans and advising parents accordingly. This can lead to parents being faced the lifetime expense of looking after a disabled child.
  • Poor antenatal care leading to stillbirth.
  • Medical negligence during birth care leading to injury to baby (such as Erb’s Palsy or Cerebral Palsy) or to the mother.

Surgical Complications and Incorrect Anaesthetic

Various mistakes can be made during surgery, such as leaving a swab inside the patient, operating on the wrong part of the body, or causing unintended damage surgically and not recognising and repairing that at the time. Anaesthetic must be given carefully, otherwise serious injuries may result.

Some patients require careful monitoring after surgery; failing to pay proper attention to a patient with high care needs after surgery can have disastrous consequences.

In addition, some patients suffer from infection. This can just be a case of bad luck. Patients can carry common, infective organisms around on their own skin but infection can be picked up sometimes in the operating theatre.  A lot of theatres now are “clean air” theatres. There are however, other precautions that should be taken surgically, such as leaving a high risk and “dirty” procedures until the end of the operating day.

Death and Neglect

Compensation can be claimed where treatment has fallen below a reasonable standard to the extent that it has contributed to someone’s death. You may need advice about the complaints procedure, or advice about Inquests (the post-mortem and help in dealing with the Coroner’s office. Our team has close ties with barristers experienced in Inquest work who may deal with an Inquest for you on a no win no fee basis.

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