Compensation can be claimed where there has been delayed diagnosis of cancer of the cervix or substandard surgery or treatment for cancer of the cervix due to Medical Negligence. 

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About Cancer of the Cervix Care

Cervical screening for early detection of cancer of the cervix began in the mid-1960s and covered many women but not all. In 1988, the NHS introduced the National Cervical Screening Programme for women aged 25-65. About £4million women take part annually.

The Programme is meant to detect early cervical changes (so, not cancer but pre-cancerous changes) that can lead to cancer. Detection early on at the pre-cancerous stage means simple and effective treatment is possible for about 80-90% of cases.

Most cases of cancer of the cervix take many years to develop so screening should detect all of these cases before the cancer is advanced. Unfortunately, there are sometimes errors in the interpretation of samples by a pathologist leading to late diagnosis when a later smear test is done and legal claims. Sometimes, a doctor may fail to act appropriately upon reported test results. If a patient has been having regular screening but is then diagnosed with late-stage cervical cancer, questions need to be asked.

These days the NHS conduct an audit of all patients who are diagnosed with cervical cancer and have had previous smears. The NHS report should be requested. In some cases, the audit will disclose that errors were made in the reporting of the smear result.


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