At Medical Solicitors we care a lot about fighting climate change. After all, climate change is gravely threatening the habitat that we all need.

Global responses have been totally inadequate. Carbon dioxide emissions have risen dramatically (by 12 percent) since the year 2000. Carbon dioxide levels today are higher than at any point in at least the past 800,000 years. We must do what we can to slow this down and reverse it now.

With this climate crisis in mind, Medical Solicitors has decided to donate a fixed percentage of business profits every year to Cool Earth, a charity which champions the relationship between people, rainforest and climate.

Our team at Medical Solicitors researched where to place precious monies for the most effect, bearing in mind there are many charitable organisations that promote themselves to be concerned with the environment. We did look at many but have settled on Cool Earth as we are so impressed with their focus on the importance of the wonderful rainforests on earth. They give 'no strings attached' cash direct to rainforest communities, to fund projects that create choice, tackle the root causes of deforestation and protect vital carbon sinks.

Forests cool the earth and can provide 23 percent of climate mitigation urgently needed to cool our planet. It is frightening that forests around the world are being destroyed at an alarming rate despite the promises of many governments to halt deforestation. The general breakdown of our precious world climate is contributing to forest loss by lowering the balance of humidity needed in tropical forests. This leads to trees dying and forest fires burning more ferociously and for longer – a devastating feedback loop.

Clients are looking for lawyers or law firms that reflect their shared values on climate change and sustainability. This is our corporate responsibility, but choosing Medical Solicitors means clients too can play their role in tackling climate change because 0.5% of every sale will be donated to Cool Earth via Work for Good.

Donations will, of course, continue to be given to other charities for individual requests from members of the team or associated business and clients who are fundraising, but we won’t be affiliating with a certain hospice, medical research facility or hospital which would be a more obvious choice commercially.

After all there will be no hospitals, hospices, or medical research facilities if humanity can no longer survive on planet earth!

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