Conditional Fee Agreements, No Win, No Fee Expert Medical Negligence Solicitors

Conditional Fee Agreements, No Win, No Fee Expert Medical Negligence Solicitors

Read out advice about Conditional Fee Agreements In a Nutshell

In a Nutshell !

“In a Nutshell”– How Conditional Fee Agreements work at our firm:

If a case loses:

  1. Our firm writes off all of our time spent on the case.
  2. If a barrister has been involved, the barrister writes off all of their time.
  3. If we have arranged insurance cover for you, the insurer will write off their premium.
  4. The insurer will repay to our firm any case costs, for example, the cost of obtaining copy medical records and expert reports.

Result: you have nothing to pay!

If your case wins:

  1. If you have had benefits as a result of your medical injury, then the Compensation Recovery Unit (part of the benefits agency) may call for some of that to be repaid. However, such sums are accounted for, and paid by, your Opponent before compensation is then paid to you.
  2. You will receive compensation directly, as our firm does not hold client monies. However, if the claim is for a child, or a person who does not have Mental Capacity, then the compensation will either be looked after in Court, or in a Trust account.
  3. We will then send you an invoice  for the insurance premium (which varies, but is usually between about £1200 to £2500 depending on at what stage your claim is settled).
  4. The invoice will also include  success fees on the time spent by our firm and your barrister. Success fees are not allowed to be any more than 25% of your compensation for your injury and past financial losses. Any compensation to look after you in the future cannot be touched. However, please note that if the case is for a child, then we generally do not invoice for success fees.
  5. Occasionally a case expense cannot be recovered from the opponent, for example, the cost of a medical report that was obtained that was not helpful. If so, that will also probably be included on the invoice.

Result: you pay nothing until after you have received your compensation! You do not have to worry about legal costs with Conditional Fee Agreements offer by Medical Solicitors.

Our friendly team of specialist lawyers at Medical Solicitors help adults and children who have suffered from negligent medical treatment. Compensation can be claimed where there has been any care that has fallen below a reasonable standard, so is considered to amount to Medical Negligence. 

Do contact our friendly team of specialist lawyers at Medical Solicitors. We conduct most of our Clinical and Medical Negligence claims under ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreements, also known as Conditional Fee Agreements, as outlined above. So, you do not have to worry about how you are going to afford to bring a claim. You have nothing to lose in speaking to us.

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