Funding Medical Negligence Cases

Funding Medical Negligence Cases

Read out advice about Funding medical negligence casesYou do not have to ‘break the bank’ for funding a medical negligence case.

At Medical Solicitors, if you have a reasonable case to investigate, we do not ask you to pay anything upfront.

There are various funding options available to you, and we will advise you in more detail free of charge.

However, a summary is as follows:                                      

Conditional Fee Agreements (also known as No Win, No Fee)                                             We prefer this option for our clients. It gives us the freedom to choose the best medical experts to support your claim. It offers our clients peace of mind. Whether they win, or lose their case, they do not have to pay anything directly for the investigation of the case.

Legal Expenses Insurance  Some Clients have the benefit of Legal Expenses Insurance linked to their home contents, or buildings, policies, or attached to employment, or bank, or Building Society accounts. Often Clients are not aware that they have this kind of cover. It is worthwhile checking any insurance you hold because it can be a very useful method of funding your claim. In particular, please dig out your household insurance policy (for buildings and contents), or any such policy held by a person living with you so we can check the position together.  We will often run a Conditional Fee Agreement alongside a legal expenses policy.

Trade Union If you, or your partner, are a member of a Trade Union, they may cover all, or part, of your legal costs. It is worth contacting them at this stage to ask them to send you a Claim Form and details of the cover given. We can go through the Claim Form together at our initial meeting.                                                                                                                                           

Public Funding (Legal Aid) This is only available now in very limited circumstances in baby injury cases.  Medical Solicitors has chosen not to offer public funding from the Legal Services Commission as, it can impose restrictions on choice of medical experts etc. However, if we think it is in a child’s best interests we will refer them to a specialist firm that does still offer public funding. However, we do offer Conditional Fee Agreements and it can often be considered as more advantageous to choose this type of funding even if a  child may qualify financially for public funding.                                                                                                                      

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Our friendly team of specialist lawyers at Medical Solicitors have the expertise to help you succeed in a negligence claim for compensation.

Compensation can be claimed where there has been inappropriate advice given concerning which procedure/treatment you should have, where there has been delayed diagnosis or treatment and where there has been substandard care that amounts to actual Medical Negligence. 

Do contact our friendly team of specialist lawyers at Medical Solicitors. We conduct most of our Clinical and Medical Negligence claims under ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreements, also known as Conditional Fee Agreements. So, you do not have to worry about how you are going to afford to bring a medical negligence compensation claim. You have nothing to lose in speaking to us.

Follow our links below to quickly access our information pages about how we can help with: a complaint about care, funding a medical negligence claim  and more:

Follow our links below to quickly access our information pages about how we can help with: a complaint about care, funding a medical negligence claim relating to failed surgery and more:

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