£408,100 to a deceased child’s parents after their son died due to the hospital’s failure to manage his birth correctly.

The claim alleged that if there had been proper midwifery care during labour then baby would have been born in good condition. 


During the labour, the mother had been allowed to enter a birthing pool. There were mistakes in interpreting CTG monitoring of baby and he was born pale and floppy, with a dangerously low heart rate. He needed intubation and suffered severe brain injury (severe hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy grade three, abnormal movements and hypotonia).  

At one month old, their son was sent home but needed 24-hour care. He suffered numerous issues, including seizures. He survived for nine months until his death. Both parents suffered psychiatric injuries and needed treatment. The father had not recovered and remained vulnerable; the mother also remained vulnerable to a lesser extent.

The Settlement

The estimated breakdown of compensation was:

  • £22,736 for baby’s pain and suffering (general damages)
  • £25,062 for father’s pain and suffering
  • £26,852 for the mother’s pain and suffering
  • £11,221 bereavement award and funeral expenses
  • Approximately £66,000 in past financial losses
  • £73,319 loss of earnings

Future losses were also claimed:

  • Counselling and prescription costs of £6,827
  • Moving and travel costs of £8,966
  • Loss of earning at £142,197
  • Loss of future pension £23,759

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