Latest news NHS and Health issues – Round Up !

Latest news NHS and Health issues – Round Up !

Read our latest news NHS and Health All the latest news NHS and Health issues that we focused upon in the last 7 days!


The NHS may waste £145M because Brits are too embarrassed by THIS condition:

CONSTIPATION plagues one in seven people in the UK, yet millions of cases are left untreated for far too long. It’s not a subject many people feel comfortable discussing, but constipation affects millions of people in the UK. A report released today revealed that last year saw 182 people admitted to hospital every day with constipation detailed as their ‘main condition’. Over 70 per cent of these were unplanned emergency admissions, which means too many Brits are suffering in silence with an easily treatable condition. Most often, because they are too embarrassed. And this comes at a cost. The You Gov report, commissioned by Coloplast, revealed that the NHS spent £145 million on hospital admissions due to constipation during 2014/15 alone. (Article dated: 07/03/16)


  • Final-year medical students face delay to job offers

Students say UK Foundation Programme Office hold-up is a blow at a time when morale is already low due to junior doctor contracts row.  Thousands of final-year medical students have been left with no idea where they will begin work after the body responsible for making job offers took a last-minute decision not to publish the results of their applications on Thursday.

Students due to hear news of where they were starting their first jobs expressed anger and frustration after the examining body admitted it would not be publishing the details on time.

The students say the UK Foundation Programme Office compounded their anxiety by not informing them directly about the delay. Many discovered the delay on Wednesday night when they checked via the application process. (Article dated: 03/03/16)

  • Jeremy Hunt’s confrontation with junior doctors ‘derailed the NHS’ own work to deliver seven-day service’

Jeremy Hunt’s confrontation with junior doctors has “derailed” the NHS’ own work to deliver a ‘seven-day NHS’, the editor of the country’s leading medical journal has claimed.

In a highly critical editorial, Dr Fiona Godlee, editor of the British Medical Journal, accused Mr Hunt of “misusing” evidence of higher weekend mortality in hospitals to “beat up” doctors and drive through controversial changes to contracts. (Article dated: 03/03/16)


  • Rise in hip replacements for under 60s

The number of hip replacement operations on people aged under 60 has risen 76% in the last decade, NHS figures for England reveal.

In 2004-05 there were 10,145 hip replacements for people aged 59 and below, with 17,883 in 2014-15.

The Royal College of Surgeons says this is partly because doctors are now more confident that replacement joints will be more durable than in the past. (Article dated: 2/03/16)

  • Children and head injuries. Doctors urge schools to ban tackling in rugby

More than 70 doctors and academics are calling for a ban on tackling in rugby matches played in UK and Irish schools. In an open letter to ministers, they say injuries from this “high-impact collision sport” can have lifelong consequences for children. They argue two-thirds of injuries in youth rugby and most concussions are down to tackles and urge schools to move to touch and non-contact rugby. Supporters say rugby builds character and other forms are less challenging. (Article dated: 02/03/16)

  • Study Finds Surprising Benefit of Viral DNA: Fighting Other Viruses

What could be more alien than a virus? It’s a nanobiological weapon — a microscopic protein shell holding a few genes that hijack a cell’s internal machinery, forcing it to make new viruses. The battles we fight with these alien enemies brings malaise, scars and even death. Yet as foreign as viruses may seem, the boundary between us and them is turning out to be remarkably blurry. We use DNA from viruses to do things that are essential to our own survival, scientists are finding. Somehow, we have managed to domesticate some of these invaders. (Article dated: 03/03/16)

  • Middle-aged ‘risk unhealthy retirement’

Unhealthy middle-aged people must improve their lifestyles if they want to enjoy a healthy retirement, a new government campaign is warning. Public Health England’s One You campaign is urging the over 40s to drink less, exercise more, eat better and give up smoking. It is the first national campaign to specifically target this group. (Article dated: 07/03/16)


Brain scan to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease developed by scientists. US scientists have shown it is possible to spot when Alzheimer’s disease emerges through brain scans. Alzheimer’s disease could be definitively diagnosed for the first time after scientists proved brain scans can pick up the condition in its earliest stages. Currently, the only way to determine whether Alzheimer’s is present is to look at the brain of a patient after death. (Article dated: 02/03/16)

  • Scientists ‘find cancer’s Achilles heel’

Scientists believe they have discovered a way to “steer” the immune system to kill cancers. Researchers at University College, London have developed a way of finding unique markings within a tumour – its “Achilles heel” – allowing the body to target the disease. But the personalised method, reported in Science journal, would be expensive and has not yet been tried in patients. Experts said the idea made sense but could be more complicated in reality. (Article dated: 04/03/16)


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